Krishna M. Vempaty

ADR Training
Attended most of the training seminars offered by the US District Court, EDNY. As an arbitrator at NYSE and NASD, attended several training sessions. Just a week back attended Mediation Tips seminar by JAMA at the Queens County Bar Association.

Professional Training
Since 1976, I have been practicing law in New York. Received two postgraduate degrees in Law and coauthored books. Admitted to the US Supreme Court, Court of Appeals-Second Circuit and the US district courts of Southern and Eastern districts of New York. Received training for Hurricane Sandy mediation.

Professional Experience
For over 10 years, worked as a Hearing Officer at the Environmental Control Board and the Parking Violations Bureau of the City of New York.

ADR Experience
For over 10 years, arbitrated disputes at the NASD and NYSE. Have been on the arbitration and mediation panels of the Eastern District Court of NY for over 15 years and conducted numerous arbitration and mediation cases.

Other Information
EDNY Arbitration Assignments: CV 10-916, CV 9-1554, CV 6-5685 Other area of concentration: Immigration.