Usher T. Winslett

ADR Training
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Professional Training
New York University School of Law (JD 1986) ;Washington & Lee University (BA with honors 1982).

Professional Experience
For more than 20 years, Usher Winslett has served as an independent mediator and arbitrator. In his 30+ year legal career, Usher has handled dispute resolution from virtually every angle, so he brings no practice-area bias to his ADR work. Usher has worked in both big and small law firms and as a corporate general counsel. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants ranging from huge corporations to individuals. In addition, he has held non-legal, senior-management positions in a number of small-to-mid-size businesses. In addition to the Arbitration and Mediation Panels of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Usher also serves on the Southern District of New York's Mediation Panel. He is a member of the Eastern District's Storm Sandy panel and since December 2016 he has served on the Eastern District's ADR Advisory Council, which is responsible for overseeing the court's ADR program, including recruiting and training arbitrators and mediators. In addition to his ADR practice, Usher's career has included: founding Partner of Winslett Studnicky McCormick & Bomser LLP (broad-based litigation and ADR practice); Thatcher Proffitt & Wood (broad-based litigation and ADR practice); EVP, General Counsel, Principal -Razor & Tie Entertainment (entertainment products marketing firm and record label); CEO - Odin Media (marketing products firm); COO - DCN (now part of eMusic); other senior management positions and entrepreneurial ventures.

ADR Experience
Representative experience: Successfully mediated numerous commercial and contract disputes involving businesses of various types and sizes. After almost 10 years of litigation, successfully mediated the settlement of a federal securities fraud class action alleging that plaintiffs artificially inflated the stock price by falsely reporting phony sales made to fictitious companies. Mediated an international dispute involving claims of software pirating, including claims of direct copyright infringement; violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; and trademark infringement and counterfeiting. Plaintiff also asserted claims against a senior executive of the defendant in his individual capacity for contributory and vicarious liability on these claims. The case settled. Mediated the settlement of a case brought by a fourth-year medical student who alleged violations of the American with Disabilities Act and other federal, state, and local laws, claiming that the school discriminated against him and failed to reasonably accommodate his ADHD and anxiety disorder when he was dismissed without a medical degree. Successfully mediated a case brought by one of the world's largest watch manufacturers against a competitor, claiming trademark infringement, unfair competition and false designation of origin and false advertising under the Lanham Act, New York statutes, and common law. Successfully mediated a race discrimination and retaliation action against a major airline. Mediated the settlement an intra-family dispute over the ownership of music copyrights. Successfully mediated a race and gender discrimination case brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 against the New York City Department of Correction. Successfully mediated multiple FLSA cases. Usher also has extensive experience handling arbitrations including international arbitrations and mediations in such tribunals as the AAA, JAMS, the CPR Institute, IDRC, and the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Other Information
In addition to the above, Usher's diverse career has also included starting a company that imported and distributed shoes from Argentina, serving a deputy campaign manager for a United States Congressperson, and serving as executive producer on 20+ albums, multiple music videos, and a short film.