William G. Binckes

ADR Training
2015: Investment Arbitration Master Class, (Association of International Arbitrators), Brussels, Belgium, 16 hours; European Cross Border Mediation Training, (Association of International Arbitrators), Brussels, Belgium, 96 hours; 2014: Storm Sandy Mediation Training, (Eastern District of New York), 6 hours; 2013: Advanced Commercial Mediation Training, (International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution), New York, 15.5 hours; Commercial Mediation Training, (NYS Bar Association(, New York, 24 hours; 2012: Commercial Arbitrator Training, (NYS Bar Association), New York, 24 hours; 2011-2009: Mediation Impasse, (Eastern District of New York), 2 hours; Cross Cultural Mediation (Eastern District of New York), 2 hours; Breaking Impasse in Multi-party Mediation (EDNY), 2 hours; 2003: Mediation Involving Government Agencies, (Touro-EDNY), 4 hours; 2001: Advanced Mediation Training, (Touro), 7 hours; 1996: Chairperson Training - Employment Law, (NASD), 8 hours; Mediation Training, (United States Bankruptcy Court), 14 hours; 1995: Chairperson Training- Securities (NASD), 8 hours; Arbitrator Training Workshop, (American Arbitration Association); 1992: Mediation Training, (Resolution Resources Fordham Law), NYC, 16 hours; Securities Arbitration Training, (NASD), NYC, 6 hours; 1991: Arbitrator Training, (Association of the Bar of the City of New York), NYC.

Professional Training
Brooklyn Law School (J.D., 1984); Fordham University (B.A. in Communications, 1979); Cornell-Baruch (pursued MS in Industrial Labor Relations 1992-1993).

Professional Experience
William Binckes has over 25 years of experience representing parties in litigation, arbitration, mediation, trials, and administrative proceedings in areas that have included: Employment based claims have included breach of contract, compensation, wrongful termination, promissory notes, unfair competition, injunctive relief, statutory discrimination claims (age, gender, race, disability), sexual harassment; Labor relations based services/claims included contract negotiation, interpretation, and employee discipline; Commercial Disputes have included claims related to breach of contract, unfair competition, fraud, commercial torts, copyright infringement, trademark infringement and injunctive relief, breach of fiduciary duty claims involving employees, officers, directors, and partners. payment for work, labor, and services, payment for goods, sold and delivered; Personal Injury representation on both Plaintiff and Defense side.

ADR Experience
William Binckes has mediated 65 cases originating in both FINRA and EDNY venues. He has been assigned to more than 90 cases as arbitrator panelist, sole arbitrator, and panel chairperson for FINRA and EDNY. He has also served as a Fair Hearing Officer for a NYS agency since 1992. Subject matter of ADR cases have included issues in the fields of financial/securities, employment, commercial disputes, and personal injury. Financial/securities disputes have involved suitability, churning, unauthorized trading, break points, best price, fraud, misrepresentation, due diligence, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, breach of warranty, commissions, promissory notes, unfair competition, trade secrets, compensation, bonuses, deferred compensation, wrongful termination, injunctive relief, failure to supervise, breach of federal securities law, and expungement. Employment disputes that are not included in the Financial/securities paragraph above have involved questions of compensation, wage and hour laws, statutory discrimination claims, sexual harassment, and breach of contract. Personal Injury cases have involved issues of liability and damages in premises and MVA matters.

Other Information
William Binckes has been a mediator on the mediation panel at FINRA since 1996 and a mediator on the EDNY panel since 1991. He has been on FINRA's panel of arbitrators since 1992 and is also a panelist for EDNY. William Binckes has served as a mediator for 65 cases in FINRA, EDNY, and private matters. He has served as an arbitrator on over 90 FINRA and EDNY cases.