Louis J. Schepp

ADR Training
USDC-EDNY 2002 Training Program. EDNY FLSA Mediation Training - 2016.

Professional Training
ScB Engineering, Brown University 1971; ScM Engineering, Brown University, 1974; JD Boston University 1976.

Professional Experience
2007-Present, Solo practice; 1978-2007, Trial Attorney for Liberty Mutual's in house counsel in Manhattan; 1977-8, Kanter & Serota; 1976-7, Crowe, McCoy & Agoglia.

ADR Experience
20+ years as an arbitrator USDC-EDNY; 5+ years in Civil Court of the City of New York, New York County; 15+ years handling arbitrations for parties in USDC-EDNY and private arbitrations.

Other Information
2002-2003, Assistant Village Prosecutor--Village of Plandhome Manor; 1990-2002, Village Prosecutor--Village of Plandome Manor. Faculty for Trial Advocacy: Liberty Mutual, NITA, an PLI.