Michael A. Levy

ADR Training
"The Outer Limits of Arbitral Jurisdiction: Who Decides and When?," "eDiscovery: What Every Arbitrator Needs to Know," "The Full Pinocchio: Is Lying in Mediation Ever OK?," "Motions/Sanctions! How to More Effectively Manage the Arbitration Process," ADR/ICDR Neutrals Conference, 2016; "Who, What, When, Where, How and Why of ADR and ADR Clauses," Nassau County Bar Association, 2015; "Ethics in Mediation," USDC, SDNY program for Mediator Advisory Committee, 2015; "Making Money Talk," USDC SDNY, 2015; "Imposing Sanctions in Arbitration: Just how Far Can you Go?," AAA, 2015; "Enough Already! Striking the Right Balance of Discovery in Arbitration," AAA, 2014; "All About Arbitration & Mediation," Nassau Co. Bar Assn, 2014; "Negotiation Skills - For Deals, Disputes & Mediation," The Federal Bar Assn, SDNY Chapter, 2014; "Mediating section 1983 Plan Cases," USDC SDNY, 2014; "Making the Choice: Mediation or Litigation," Nassau Co. Bar Assn, 2014; "Resolving an Estate-Related Commercial Dispute," Nassau Co. Bar Assn, 2014; "All About Arbitration & Mediation," Nassau Co. Bar Assn, 2014; "Town Hall: Effective Representation in Mediation," UDDC SDNY, 2014; "Employment Law Training for Mediators," USDC SDNY, 2014, "Securities Arbitration and Mediation 2014," New York State Bar Assn, 2014; "Transitional and Non-Transitional Mediation Skills Workshop," USDC EDNY, 2013; "Managing the Arbitration Process for Efficiency & Economy Following the Preliminary Hearing," AAA, 2013; "Alternatives in Art Law: The International Struggle for Antiquities," USDC EDNY, 2013; "Advanced Mediator Training: Managing the Dynamics of a Multi-Party Case," AAA, 2012; "The Basics of Mediating Trust & Estates Disputes," New York State Bar Assn Dispute Resolution Section, 2012; "Cross-Cultural Mediation: Impasse-Breaking in Mediation" and "Exit to Impasse-2," USDC EDNY, 2011; Attended Mediator Orientation Program, USDC SDNY, 2011; Completed 16-HOUR Advanced Commercial Mediation Training presented by Coordinator of ADR for NYS Unified Court System, and Participant and Facilitator in Nassau County Supreme Court Commercial Division Mediation Training 24-hour program, 2011; "Cross-Cultural Mediation," USDC EDNY, 2010; "What Attorneys and Their Clients Want Most From Mediators," "Electronic Discovery in Arbitration: What You Need to Know," "Arbitrators: Are you What They are Looking for?," "Making Disclosures and Preventing Disclosure Problems: Establishing a Conflicts Database," AAA/ICDR Neutrals Conference, 2010; "Procedural Guide to Arbitration Before The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority," Nassau Co. Bar Assn, 2009; "Mediator Ethics: Objective Standards and Subjective Practices," "AAA Arbitration Roadmap: The Standard for Efficient and Cost Effective Arbitration," "Chairing the ICDR International Arbitration Tribunal," "Electronic Discovery in Arbitration: What You Need to Know," AAA/ICDR Neutrals Conference, 2009; "Pro Se: Managing Cases Involving Self-Represented Parties, " AAA, 2008; Mediation Workshop, "The Win-Win Solution: Guaranteeing Fair Shares to Everyone," USDC EDNY, 2007; Attended AAA Neutrals Conferences, 2006, 2004; "Chairing an Arbitration Panel: Managing Procedures, Process & Dynamics," AAA, 2005; Completed 36-hour Mediation Intensive Training Program, The Center for Mediation In Law (renamed The Center for Understanding in Conflict, 2005; "Straight Talk about B2B Arbitration," AAA, 2004;Presenter, "The Role of the Arbitrator in Expediting the Process," AAA, 2003; "Arbitrator Update," AAA, 2001; "Commercial Arbitrator II Training, Advanced Case Management Issues, AAA, 2001; "Commercial Arbitrator Training," AAA, 2000; EDNY FLSA Mediation Training, 2016

Professional Training
University of Connecticut - B.S., 1964; Boston University School of Law - J.D., 1967; New York University School of Law - LL.M (Taxation), 1968

Professional Experience
Counsel, Westerman Ball Ederer Miller Zucker & Sharfstein, LLP, 2014 to Present; Senior Partner, Levy & Schneps, P.C., 1979 - 2014; Partner, Meltzer, Lippe, Levy & Goldstein, P.C., 1974-79; Sole Practitioner, Law Offices of Michael A. Levy, 1971-74; Associate, Kronish, Lieb, Shainswit, Weiner & Hellman, 1968-71.

ADR Experience
ADR experience includes service as mediator in federal, state and private mediations and as counsel in commercial mediations; service as sole arbitrator, chair and panel member in a wide range of domestic and international commercial arbitrations; service as legal counsel for parties in commercial mediations as well as legal counsel for both claimants and respondents in various commercial arbitrations, including breach of contract cases, fraud claims, business and professional practice shareholder and partnership disputes, construction disputes and securities arbitrations. Cases handled as mediator or arbitrator include Title VII and other statutory employment claims, telecommunications and satellite transponder transmission issues diatomaceous earth mining land reclamation claims, venture capital cases, real estate, hazardous substance, tax shelter and franchise agreement disputes, hydro-electric power purchase agreement claims, Sec. 1983 cases, property, casualty and disability insurance claims, including numerous AAA Storm Sandy mediations, shareholder disputes, and water contamination claims, among others. Since February 2014, practice has been changed to focus substantially on ADR. As of April, 2016, approximately 120 cases mediated, of which more than 30 have been mediated within the past 13 months. Panel Memberships - Mediation Panel, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York; Mediation Panel, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of New York; Mediation Panel, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York; Mediation Panels, New York State Supreme Court Commercial Divisions for Suffolk, Nassau, Queens and New York Counties; Arbitration and Mediation Panels, American Arbitration Association; Arbitration and Mediation Panels, Nassau County Bar Association; President, Comprehensive Arbitration & Mediation Services, Inc.; Member, Mediator Advisory Committee, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York; Member, Advisory Council, Nassau County Bar Association Arbitration & Mediation Pane

Other Information
Co-author, "Filing Claims in the Madoff Matter: Potential Booby Trap for Investors?," New York Law Journal, pg. 4, col. 4 February 25, 2009; Co-presenter, "The ABC's of Drafting Arbitration Clauses," Dean's Hour, Nassau County Bar Assn, June 2007; Speaker, "The Role of the Arbitrator in Expediting the Process," Garden City, New York, May 2003; Author, "Counseling the Individual Health Care Client," The Attorney of Nassau County, vol. 1, no.3, Nov. 1993; Co-author, "Estate Planning for the General Practitioner," The Attorney of Nassau County, vol. 1, no. 5, 1994.