Deborah Masucci

ADR Training
AAA, Commerce and Dispute Resolution: Goals for Justice and Trade 2015; Faculty, AAA Healthcare Dispute Resolution Innovation & Strategy Conference 2014; AAA, Managing the Arbitration Process Following the Preliminary Hearing 2014; AAA Essential Mediator Skills for the New Mediator, 2014; AAA "Exceeded Power": Recent Trends in Cases Challenging Arbitrator Authority, 2014; ABA Managing A Successful Arbitration Part I Getting to Arbitration, Part II The Preliminary Conference and Discovery, Part III Ethical Considerations for Arbitrators and Advocates Part IV The Arbitration Hearing and Part V The Arbitration Award, 2014; AAA Chairing an Arbitration Panel: Managing Procedures, Process & Dynamics (ACE005), 2013; AAA Bullying: The New Conflict Challenge in ADR, 2013; AAA Arbitration Fundamentals and Best Practices for New AAA Arbitrators, 2013. EDNY FLSA Mediation Training - 2016.

Professional Experience
Overview: Senior business executive responsible for managing and developing business including: implementing litigation savings initiatives; budget management; creating and implementing programs; developing new business; supervising and developing staff; and leading strategic planning. Expert in the insurance, dispute resolution field (domestic and international), management consulting, and securities industries AIG 1. Developed, implemented and administered the company's employee dispute resolution program covering 30,000 US domestic employees as a member of the Employee Relations staff. 2. Established a new, unique department within the Litigation Management Division of the Claims Organization to improve the effective and strategic use of ADR. 3. Member of the ADR defense team in connection with hundreds of insurance related claims and corporate employment and contract disputes providing tactical and strategic ADR advice to senior business executives, claims representatives and counsel. 4. Screened cases/claims to effectively determine the correct path for dispute resolution after assessing strengths and weaknesses; applying facts to the law; and predicting range of likely outcomes. 5. Developed and delivered ADR training over 1,000 employees, e.g., claims representatives, staff counsel and other lawyers. Courses included: Mediation Advocacy; Negotiation and Settlement; Basic and Advanced Negotiation Skills; Managing Difficult Situations; Psychology of Persuasion and Evaluation; and Settlement of Reinsurance Claims. JAMS- The Resolution Experts 1. Managed staff in four offices responsible for administration of mediation and arbitration proceedings. 2. Responsible for increasing revenues through business development and retention and eliminating all accounts receivable. Price Waterhouse 1. Consulted with Fortune 500 companies regarding use of ADR to manage litigation and pre-litigation disputes in the pharmaceutical and financial services industries. 2. Consulted with government legal office about

ADR Experience
Appointed as an arbitrator/mediator in approximately 150 matters including employment discrimination; gender discrimination; sexual harassment; retaliation; wage and hour; wrongful discharge; breach of partnership agreement; breach of contract; breach of franchise agreement; insurance coverage; property and casualty liability; workers compensation; reinsurance; and professional fee disputes Insurance Dispute Resolution: Served as an arbitrator/panel Chair in a $5m claims alleging partnership/contract dispute and breach of fair dealing. Appointed as an arbitrator on insurance coverage disputes. Served as a mediator in policyholder disputes. Provided strategic and tactical advice to senior business executives, internal/external lawyers and claims representatives on arbitration and mediation tactics on thousands of proceedings with disputes involving: insurance coverage; bad faith; property and casualty; construction risk; environmental; workers compensation; broker dealer securities; vendor services; personal injury; health care; reinsurance; professional liability; directors and officers liability; and subrogation claims. Claims were between insured and insurer; defense of insured; defense of the Company or initiated by the Company. International Dispute Resolution: Served as an arbitrator/panel Chair in a $5m claims alleging partnership/contract dispute and breach of fair dealing. Appointed as an arbitrator on insurance coverage disputes. Served as a mediator in policyholder disputes. As part of the defense team provided tactical advice to claims representatives and internal/external lawyers on arbitration proceedings involving interpretation of surety contracts and reinsurance disputes. Securities Dispute Resolution: Representation and administration of arbitration and mediation proceedings with respect to federal state or common law violations involving misrepresentation; suitability; fraud; wrongful termination; and rescission. Won a six-figure award involving suitability of annuities for an elderly public

Other Information
Teaching: Instructor, Pace-IICL Certificate Program on Mediation Advocacy Skills: Domestic and International Commercial Disputes Co Dean of College for Claims Mediation, Claims and Litigation Management Alliance, Fall 2015 instructor, International Dispute Resolution, Cardozo Law School, Fall 2015 Adjunct Professor, Comparative International Mediation, Fordham Law School Spring 2015 and 2016 Adjunct Professor, Mediation Clinic, New York Law School, 2004. Adjunct Clinical Professor and Director of the Securities Arbitration Clinic, Brooklyn Law School, 2003-2004.