James A. Brown

ADR Training
S.D.N.Y. Basic Mediator Training (2012); EEOC Mediation Summit (2014); and S.D.N.Y. Making Money Talk (2015).

Professional Experience
I am a full-time arbitrator and mediator. I serve on over ten labor arbitration panels, and also on the AAA Employment Law and FINRA panels. I have mediated many employment law disputes as a participant in the S.D.N.Y. Mediation Program. Previously, I worked for 25 years as a labor and employment lawyer, and litigated employment discrimination and FLSA cases for both plaintiffs and employers.

ADR Experience
I serve on the following arbitration panels: American Arbitration Association (Labor Arbitration and Employment Law), FINRA, FMCS, NMB, NY PERB, NJ PERC, NJ PERC Special Disciplinary Arbitration Panel, NJ State Board of Mediation, Penn. Bureau of Mediation, NYC OCB, NYC DOE-UFT 3020-a; and CUNY Blue Collar panels. I also serve on the S.D.N.Y. Mediation Panel.