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  • What do I need to appeal my case?

    You need: Original Notice of Appeal 2 copies. The Fee is $505.00 (which includes docketing the appeal). You may pay by check,money order, or credit card, if the credit card is registered with the Clerk's Office Mail copy of Notice of Appeal to all parties.

    Contact Appeals Section at (718) 260-2310 in Brooklyn and (631) 712-6000 in Central Islip, for more Appeals information

  • What is an attorney's barcode?

    The NYED barcode consists of the first and last initial of the attorneys name and the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.

  • What is the telephone number for the Eastern District Bankruptcy Court?

    Please click here for their contact information.

  • Where can I find the civil summons form?

    The form is located on the United States Courts website.

  • Where can I find the form for Notice, Consent, and Reference of a Civil Action to a Magistrate Judge

    The instructions and form is located under forms and instructions - ecf instructions.

  • Where can I locate the transcript rates?

    The transcript rates are located on the transcript information page.

  • Where do I obtain a copy of a Bankruptcy file for the Eastern District of New York?

    Contact the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York Web Address: www.nyeb.uscourts.gov Phone: (718) 330-2188 - Brooklyn - or (631) 712-6281 - Central Islip.

  • Which documents are needed to open a civil case in the federal court in the Eastern District?

    1. EDNY Civil Cover Sheet- available on the website 2. Two copies of the Complaint 3. If Needed: Notice Of Removal/Transfer Documents 4. If Needed: Summons, Order to Show Cause, Temporary Restraining Order 5. Fee of $400.00 (by Check, Money Order or Credit Card)


  • Who do I contact if I have questions on courtroom technology?

    Arrangements to use one or more of the below items must first be made with the respective courtroom deputy/case manager. All telecommunications must be approved by the court in advance of any testing or use.

    Additional questions regarding the equipment can be directed to (718) 613-2290, please ask for a Courtroom Technology Specialist.

  • Who do I contact if my name comes up on a background check on a NYED case and I am not that person?

    Contact the Records Room at (718) 613-2285 for a records search. The fee for the search is located under court fees. Once the search is complete you will be given a certificate of search.

  • Who do I contact on scheduling the use of a room for a deposition?

    Contact the District Executive office at (718) 613-2263

  • Who do I contact regarding a receipt from pay.gov?

    Please contact www.pay.gov.