Anthony DiCaprio

ADR Training
Certified Mediator NY Courts (NYCRR Part 146); Adjunct Prof CUNY Law School Mediation Seminar and Mediation Clinic instructor; Mediation Course required for New York State and Federal Courts instructor. Please see website for full ADR training:

Professional Training
35 years litigation and legal experience includes impact litigation in State and Federal Courts, commercial, transactional and early stage ventures.

Professional Experience
Thirty-six year legal career includes complex international litigation, general business and tort litigation, business law, forming and advising "start-ups" and early stage business entities, contract negotiation and drafting, commercial and residential real estate transactions, privately held business valuation, personal injury and domestic relations. Early stage capital investor and advisor in multiple projects as former member of the New York Angels and Angel Investor Forum. Cooperating counsel, Center for Constitutional Rights. Notable cases include: Salim v Mitchell (WAED), member of trial and negotiation team in groundbreaking litigation against psychologists who designed and helped implement CIA enhanced interrogation-torture techniques (settled August 2017); Wiwa v. Shell (NYSD), member of trial team and co-led negotiations resulting in $15 Million Settlement in seminal international human rights litigation o/b/o Plaintiffs, Niger Delta-indigenes, against various Royal Dutch Shell entities arising out of Shell's Niger Delta joint venture with Nigeria; Adhikari v KBR (NDTX), member of trial team on behalf of human trafficking plaintiffs (settled against one defendant); Ratha v. Phatthana (CACD), member of trial team for Cambodian Plaintiffs, victims of human trafficking; Doe v. ExxonMobil (DCD): member of trial team for Acehnese villagers against ExxonMobil for claims of summary execution, torture, arbitrary detention and other international human rights and civil claims; Doe v. Karadzic (NYSD), coordinated Plaintiffs' trial team in action against Bosnian war criminal, Radovan Karadzic, for claims of genocide, torture, summary execution and humanitarian law violation resulting in $4.5 Billion Plaintiffs' verdict; attorney for amici curiae before U.S. Supreme Court.

ADR Experience
Recognized for the ability to help parties understand and communicate their interests in a manner that encourages the resolution of their dispute. Mediated more than one-hundred and fifty cases, such as FLSA individual and collective overtime and classification cases over a broad range of industries, including the restaurant and hospitality sector; employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and other employment matters; ยง1983 claims; business and contract disputes; multiple tort, products liability and personal injury cases. Court Mediation Panel Member: EDNY, SDNY, NY County State Supreme Civil and Commercial Division; Bronx County Supreme Court; Bronx County Surrogate's Court, Westchester County Supreme Court, Westchester County Surrogate's Court (pending).

Other Information
NY State Surrogate's Court Basic Mediation Program Trainer for Court Attorneys (2020); CUNY Law School Adjunct: Mediation Seminar, 2019, 2020, and Mediation Clinic, 2016-2019; SDNY mediator evaluator and trainer, NYCBA ADR Committee Member 2019-present; SDNY Mediation Advisory Committee Member (2016-2018), NYC Bar Association Basic Mediation program mediator trainer and evaluator, Westchester & Rockland County Mediation Center mediator trainer and evaluator, NYC Department of Human Rights trainer.