Margaret McIntyre

ADR Training
Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Employment Mediation 2009; EEOC, Mediating Employment Cases 2010; SDNY, multiple trainings since 2011

Professional Training
CUNY School of Law, J.D.

Professional Experience
Litigating and negotiating resolution of employment cases since 1996, including all forms of discrimination and harassment

ADR Experience
Since 2011, I have volunteered in the Mediation Program of the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, where I have mediated cases involving police misconduct, employment discrimination and wage and hour claims.

Other Information
Aside from my experience as a mediator, I have served as an advocate in the employment cases that I litigate on behalf of employees. My experience has shown me that litigants benefit greatly when they are able to focus the litigation process on achieving their goals as compared to "winning" and are willing to listen to the opposing party's interests to find a resolution. My goal as a mediator is to help parties in conflict focus on what matters most to them so they can spend less time in litigation.