Adam Halper

ADR Training
My training has been extensive and includes: Mediation Intensive Training (Center for Understanding in Conflict), Advanced Mediation Skills and Practicum, Certification in Community Dispute Resolution, (New York Center for Interpersonal Development); Commercial Mediation Training, (New York State Bar Association NYSBA); Advanced Commercial Mediation, (New York City Bar Association); Mediating Matrimonial Cases, (New York Peace Institute); Mediating 1983 Civil Rights Cases (U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, SDNY); Mediating Wage and Hour and FLSA Disputes (SDNY); Making Money Talk, J. Anderson Little (SDNY);   Commercial Arbitration Training (NYSBA). On-going training through the SDNY including mediating 1983 Civil Rights Cases, employment and Wage/Hour cases and overcoming impasse (U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY)); New York State Bar's Commercial Arbitration Training.  I have been a presenter, teacher and coach to mediators and counsel on a range of practice areas including mediating FLSA, wage and hour cases, mediating commercial cases and mediating Surrogate's Court, trusts and estates and guardianship cases. I have taught and written on subjects crucial to efficient mediation from how to draft productive pre-session statements to evaluating late-in-the-day options and getting to an agreement.  

Professional Training
I graduated with a BA from the College of Arts and Science at New York University in 1994. I graduated from the Cardozo School of Law in 1997. I graduated from both with honors.

Professional Experience
I am a mediator, arbitrator and attorney. I focus on serving as a neutral in employment, wage and hour, commercial, matrimonial and elder law disputes. To my ADR practice, I bring a long career of representing clients in complex legal and personal matters. Prior to opening my private practice I was the Director of the Legal Wellness Institute [LWI] at The Family Center, a unique multidisciplinary organization in NYC. There, I led a team of lawyers, paralegals and pro bono volunteers who represented thousands of clients in litigation and transactional matters in courts throughout New York City. I began my career at Legal Services-NYC, the nation's largest public interest law firm. I have seen conflict through many lenses, including through those of employers, employees, businesses and individuals. There are few disputes which are entirely a set of business decisions. There are few disputes which are entirely a set of personal decisions. Most disputes, represent an element of both of those motivations which can conflict and weigh on parties. I am skilled at helping sides navigate the intense challenges of finding mutually acceptable resolutions. I am a tireless advocate for attorneys, parties and for the mediation process.

ADR Experience
I mediate a wide range of challenging business and personal disputes in the areas of labor and employment, wage and hour, commercial, civil rights, contract, family, matrimonial and elder law. These matters are bound by the common threads of significant financial concern, complex legal questions and personal distress. Practically every case I mediated had no possibility of settling (as per the parties) right before I helped facilitate a resolution. As of the writing of this profile, I am on the following court panels: United States Court for the Southern District of New York United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York Westchester Supreme Court, Matrimonial Division Westchester Supreme Court, Commercial Division New York Center for Interpersonal Development New York City Family Court

Other Information
My career has been dedicated to mediating, counseling and advocating for parties who are at the intersection of personal crisis and the law, such as those engaged in employment and labor cases. I've mediated a wide variety of disputes. They all benefit from an approach that is, at times, facilitative, at times highly evaluative and more often than not, successful. Finally, getting parties to resolution is a set of skills learned inside the mediation/caucus room as well as active participation in the broader discussion of ADR practice and landscape. Currently, I am the Co-Chair of the New York State Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section's Mediation Committee. I am an active Member of Mediation Advisory Committee (MAC) for the United States District Court for New York's Southern District. I am a current member of the NYC Bar President's Committee on Efficient Dispute Resolution, Westchester County Bar Association (ADR Committee), Association for Conflict Resolution of Greater New York, Family and Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York and a past member of the New York City Bar Association's ADR Committee. I am admitted to the following courts: New York State, SDNY, EDNY, 2d Cir. and the U.S. Supreme Court.