Cynthia Boyce

ADR Training
Certified, NYS's unified Court System dispute resolution programs;extensive training from AAA;NYS Human Rights Commission, NASD/Bankruptcy Court and USPS;certified arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau;

Professional Training
J.D. Harvard Law School; M.B.A. Wharton Graduate School; B.A., Cornell University.

Professional Experience
An adjunct professor for NYU, teaches Foundation of Conflict and Disputes Resoloution and Negotiation;Appointed to the NYC Tax Commission in 1993.

ADR Experience
Mediated a variety of cases for the Brooklyn Mediation Center, NASD, NY County Supreme Court,EDNY,USPS, and the Bankrupty Court in the Southern District;Serves as the Chair and sole arbitrator for NASD hearings.

Other Information
Other Specilties: Commercial Transactions, General Business matters .