Michael Du Boff

ADR Training
AAA, NASD and NYSE Certification

Professional Training
JD, Brooklyn Law School.

Professional Experience
1970-1973, Bronx County Assistant District Attorney; 1973-1981, Associate and Partner at Gainsberg, Gottlieb, Levitan & Cole; 1982-1984, Counsel to Hahan & Hessen; 1995-1997, Partner at Salon, Marrow & Dyckman; 1997-present, Davidoff & Malito LLP.

ADR Experience
As a neutral: Sat as Chairman and Arbitrator on approximately 50 NYSE and NASD cases; represented brokerage firms in approximately 100 NASD and NYSE arbitrations; have represented all aspects of textile interests in over 100 AAA cases.

Other Information
EDNY Assignment: CV 09-4123