Martin J. Siegel

ADR Training
I have attended and participated in various Mediation training programs sponsored by the United States District Court System and FINRA. To date I have earned approximately 100 credits in Alternative Dispute Training. My training covered all aspects of the Alternative Dispute Resolution process and specifically the discipline of Mediation. These training sessions have enhanced my skills, knowledge and performance as a mediator. The benefits of the instruction have increased my effectiveness and success as a Mediator. I have developed a series of specific skill sets for implementation in complex Commercial, Civil, Fair Standards Labor Act (F.S.L.A), Financial and Sec. 1983 Federal Litigation. My extensive training and experience have allowed my service as a Mediator to be effective in resolving controversies.

Professional Experience
Private Practice of Law-My practice involved the representation and guidance of individuals and entities in numerous legal disputes such as in the areas of Commercial, Civil, Employment and Financial litigation. My legal expertise has proven to be extremely effective in assisting clients resolve various complex legal matters that arise in their professional and private lives. My litigation experience consisted of service as lead counsel in over100 jury and bench trials From 2013-2018 I served as a Court appointed Receiver for a complex foreclosure matter in New York City. During that period of time I was intimately involved and knowledgeable of the entire foreclosure process from beginning to end. In addition to my experience as a Receiver, I also served on several occasions as a Court appointed Referee. In that position I personally conducted and supervised the final stage of the foreclosure process which concerns the sale of the foreclosed property. Further I continue to serve as an Arbitrator for FINRA. National Futures Association, New York Board of Trade, and the New York Mercantile Exchange.

ADR Experience
I presently serve as a Mediator for US District Court (SDNY & EDNY) and FINRA. I have actively participated as a Mediator in approximately 75 separate matters. The disputes have involved the following areas Commercial, Civil, Employment, F.S.L.A and Financial. My expertise in the aforementioned areas affords me the benefit of bringing a successful conclusion to these controversies. I will make every attempt to assist the parties to find a path of compromise and settle the action. If I am selected by the parties to serve as a mediator I pledge that I fairly and ethically do my best to resolve the specific dispute. Finally I am a member of the ADR Advisory Council of the United States District Court (EDNY)

Other Information
I concluded my service with the U.S. Army as a Colonel. My area of concentration was a Foreign Area Officer (48G) with a specialization in Middle East Military, Political and Economic Issues. Certain of my past service was as a U.S. Army Attaché to an overseas US Embassy as well service on the Army Staff. As a senior officer I acquired command and staff experience which allowed me to acquire significant organizational and leadership skills. I presently serve as a member of the Retired Officer Advisory Council at the United States Military Academy.