Leona Beane

ADR Training
Over 360 hours of Mediation training, also serves as facilitator in the Commercial Division Mediation trainings the past several years. Have also had arbitration training from several different organizations. Trainings include: New York County Lawyers Association, Mediation Training Workshop for commercial Division - ADR Neutral; 6/14-6/16/99, 24 hours. Assosiation of the Bar of the City of New York, Mediation Training, Conflict Resolution, Theory & Techniques, 2/26-2/27/01; 3/5-3/6/01, 27 hours. U.S.Equal Emloyment Opportunity Commission, Mediation Training at the EEOC, January 20-21, 2005, 16 hours. Abrams Mediation & Negotiation (Co-Sponsored by NASD & Bankruptcy Courts), Advanced Negotiation & Mediation Skills Training, March 7-9, 2005, 24 hours. N.Y.S.Office of Court Administration, Advanced Mediation Training, 5/22/06, 4 hours. N.Y.S.Judicial Institute - OCA Advanced Mediation Training for Commercial Division, 4/15/08, 8 hours. Center for Social Gerontology Ann Arbor, Michigan, Adult Guardian - Mediation Training, 6/2-6/5/02, 20 hours. Columbia University School of Law Mediation Clinic for Safe Horizon Mediation Training Community Dispute Program, 9/13-9/14/02, 9/20-9/21/02, 30 hours; plus additional ongoing training; Certified by Safe Horizon. The Center for Mediation in Law and CUNY Dispute Resolution consortium, Advanced Mediation Training, 2/24-2/25/03, 14 hours. Ackerman Institute for the Family, Family & Divorce Mediation, 1/17-1/18-1/19/04, 1/31-2/1/04, 40 hours. Center for Mediation in Law, Intensive Mediation Training, 4/28-5/2-04, 36 hours. New Jersey Superior Court, Advanced Mediation Training, 8/12/04, 4 hours; Mediation Inc. - Mediation training for Court Ordered Mediated Conferences in N.C., 1/25-1/29/06, 40 hours; plus 6/10/06, 10 hours. dispute Resolution Institute - Decision Tree Analysis for Mediators, 6/27-6/28/08, 13 hours. Attended many CLE Programs relating to Dispute Resolution, Arbitration and Mediation; EDNY FLSA Mediation Training, 2016

Professional Training
Degrees: B.B.A., M.B.A., M.S., J.D. Areas of concentration: Commercial Law, Contract Interpretation, Corporations & Partnerships, Employment Law, Estate Planning, Trusts & Estates, Personal Injury, Torts, Medical Malpractice

Professional Experience
Attorney specializing in areas of law relating to Trusts and Estates and Guardianship matters; member of several bar associations: American Bar Association-Dispute Resolution Section; NYS Bar Association; executive committee of the Dispute Resolution Section; and many others 1978-1999, Professor of Law -- Baruch College (C.U.N.Y.). General Practice; Probate, Wills Trusts & Estates; Guardianship; Partnerships & corporations and the closely held business; seves frequently as Arbitrator and Mediator.

ADR Experience
Have mediated over 300 matters of all types-Eastern District; Southern District; Bankruptcy Court-Southern & Eastern Districts; Mediator in Commercial Division in New York and Queens Counties; Mediator for the EEOC; Mediator, Co-ops and Condos; Mediator & Arbitrator, Attorney-Fee Disputes; Mediator, NJ Superior Court; Mediator, certified by North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission to mediates cases in N.C. Superior Courts (regular division and estates and guardianship); Arbitrator, FINRA.

Other Information
Have written several articles on topics relating to Corporation, Partnerships, Estate Matters, and Guardianship; Have lectured at bar association programs on these topics, and on The Advantages of Mediating Trusts, Wills, Estates and Guardianship Matters. Author: Two chapters in "Corporate Practice Handbook," (N.Y.S. Bar Ass'n); Author: The Essentials of Partnership Law, (Kendall Hunt, Pub.Co.,) The Essentials of Corporation Law, (Kendall Hunt, Pub. Co., 2nd ed. 1989) Author: One chapter in "New York Lawyer's Deskbook," (N.Y.S. Bar Ass'n. 1989); Author: Book, "The Essentials of Partnership Law" (Kendall-Hunt Pub. Co. 1982). Have written articles on Mediation including: "What is Mediation and How Does it Work?", N.Y.L.J., Octber 29, 2007; "Should Mediation Be Available as an option to Reduce Litigation In contested Guardianship Cases?", NYS Bar Journal, June 2002; "Confidentiality in Mediation", 2008; "Utilizing Mediation in Estate Litigation" 2008. EDNY ARBITRATOR ASSIGNMENTS: CV: 10-3731, 8-3743