Judith Ann Bresler

ADR Training
Commercial Div., N.Y. State Sup. Ct.; Center for Mediation in Law

Professional Experience
1999-Present: Partner/Of Counsel Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahms & Sheppard LLP; 1998-June 2000: Lecturer of Law (Art Law), University of Pennsylvania Law School; 1992-Present: Adjuct Professor, New York Law School; 1993- 1995: Head of Business Development & House Counsel, Swann Galleries.

ADR Experience
Breach of contract and oral partnership.

Other Information
Mediator/Member, Roster of Neutrals, New York State Supreme Court, Commercial Division of ADR Program; ADR Award Recipient by the New York State Bar Association for furthering the advancement of ADR in New York State; Co-author: "All About Rights for Visual Artists," paperback book(2006).