Leonard M. Kessler

ADR Training
Fair Labor Standards Act Mediation Training, Federal Bar Association EDNY, 2016: Advanced Mediation Training: Moving Towards Mastery, Nassau Academy of Law, 2016; Venting in Mediation: Helpful or Harmful, New York State Bar Association, 2016; Unique Problems in Commercial Arbitration and Best Practices for Managing Them, College of Commercial Arbitrators and New York State Bar Association, 2016; Customizing the Proper ADR Process for Your Project, American Arbitration Association, 2016; What is the Authority of the Arbitrator American Arbitration Association, 2016; Arbitrating an International Construction Dispute, American Arbitration Association, 2016; Effectively Hot-Tubbing Experts, American Arbitration Association, 2016; The Changing ADR Landscape, American Arbitration Association, 2016; How to Successfully Mediate Employment Disputes, Nassau Academy of Law, 2016; LinkedIn, Conflicted Out - Disclosure Dilemmas for the Modern Neutral, New York State Bar Association, 2016; What You Need to Know About Securities Arbitration, Nassau Academy of Law, 2016; Motion Practice in Arbitration, Worthwhile or an Expensive Distraction, American Arbitration Association, 2015; Advanced Mediator Training, The Effect (or Limit) of Mediator Influence to Effect Settlement, American Arbitration Association, 2014; Managing the Costs of Exchanging ESI, American Arbitration Association, 2013; Managing the Arbitration Process for Efficiency and Economy Following the Preliminary Hearing, American Arbitration Association, 2013; Maximizing Efficiency and Economy in Arbitration: Challenges at the Preliminary Hearing, American Arbitration Association, 2013; Construction Conference: Cutting Construction Arbitration Costs Without Compromise, American Arbitration Association, 2012; Fundamentals of Effective Mediation Advocacy, American Arbitration Association, 2011; Chairing an Arbitration Panel: Managing Procedures, Process and Dynamics (ACE005), American Arbitration Association, 2010; Pro Se: Managing Cases Involving Self-Represented Parties, American Arbitration Association, 2008; Dealing with Delay Tactics in Arbitration, American Arbitration Association, 2008; Arbitrator Ethics and Disclosure, American Arbitration Association, 2006; Arbitration Awards: Safeguarding, Deciding and Writing Awards, American Arbitration Association, 2003; Construction Arbitrator II Training: Advanced Case Management Issues, American Arbitration Association, 2003; Annual Arbitrator Update, American Arbitration Association, 2003; Neutrals Conference, American Arbitration Association, 2003; Arbitrator I Training-Fundamentals of the Arbitration Process, American Arbitration Association, 2002; The Future of Commercial Arbitration, The City Bar Center for Continuing Legal Education, 2002; Security Arbitration, Nassau Academy of Law, 2002; New York Unified Court System, Mediation Training, 2002; New York Unified Court System, Mediator Seminar-Nassau County Supreme Court, Commercial Division, Mediation Program, 2002; Education and Assistance Corporation, Basic Mediation Training, 2001.

Professional Training
Rutgers University (JD) Rutgers Law Review; Rutgers Journal of Computers and the Law-Managing Editor. City College of New York - Grove School of Engineering (BEE) Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society for Electrical and Computer Engineers.

Professional Experience
Len Kessler is an arbitrator and mediator with a background in complex construction and commercial disputes including cases involving contracts, torts, negligence, the environment, property damage, professional liability and employment and labor issues. He is the former chief legal officer for the 21,000 employee Infrastructure & Environment Division of URS Corporation (now part of AECOM), which provides engineering, design and construction services in approximately 250 offices in more than 50 countries. At URS, he managed a legal department of thirty attorneys, five contract managers and five paralegals. The legal department was responsible for the supervision and direction of all outside counsel representing URS in litigation, arbitrations, claims, disputes and other matters, both in the United States and foreign jurisdictions. This included litigation strategy, as well as the supervision of all phases of litigation, arbitration, and mediation, and approval of all settlements. Mr. Kessler has also been Vice President, Lead Counsel, Global Construction of Gilbane Building Company, Vice President and General Counsel of AMEC Construction Management, Inc. (formerly known as Morse Diesel International, Inc.), an associate at Cravath Swaine and Moore and an associate at Kelley Dry and Warren.

ADR Experience
Mr. Kessler is listed on the rosters of the following Mediation and Arbitration panels: -Mediator for the United States District Court, EDNY ADR Program -Mediator for the New York State Supreme Court -New York County - Commercial Division ADR Program -Mediator for the New York State Supreme Court - Kings County - Commercial Division ADR Program -Mediator for the New York State Supreme Court - Queens County - Commercial Division ADR Program -Mediator for the New York State Supreme Court - Nassau County - Commercial Division ADR Program -Mediator for the New Jersey Superior Court - Civil, General Equity and Probate Cases -Mediator for Nassau County Bar Association ADR Program -Mediator for the United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York Mediation Program -Member of the American Arbitration Association Large, Complex Construction Case Panel of Arbitrators -Member of the American Arbitration Association Panel of Commercial Arbitrators -Member of the FINRA Panel of Arbitrators Arbitrator for the District Court of Nassau County, NY

Other Information
Expertise: Construction; Commercial Law; Contracts; Storm Sandy Panel; Tort: Personal Injury; Architect and Design Professional Liability; Environmental Law, Employment and Labor Disputes. Please see www.LenKesslerADR.com for a complete bio.