FAQs: ESubmission

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  • Will I receive an email when a case has been e-submitted?

    No. Once you receive this message on the submission screen:

    (Thank you, your submission has been received. You will receive electronic notification when the case has been opened on ECF).

    The case will be assigned and opened within 5 business days.

  • Is e-submission of initiating documents mandatory?

    No, e-submission of initiating document, while available, is NOT REQUIRED.
    Because e-submission is not required, the inability to e-submit a complaint, petition or notice of removal does not relieve a party or counsel from any filing deadlines

  • Can any other types of documents other than pdf be uploaded on the e-submission form?

    No. If you attempt to upload anything other than a pdf, you will receive an error message similar to this one:

    The selected file FILENAME cannot be uploaded. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: pdf.

  • I sometimes get this message on the e-submission screen "CAPTCHA session reuse attack detected." how can I avoid this message?

    The message "CAPTCHA session reuse attack detected." sometimes appears if you browse for a pdf, upload it and then delete it.  

    To avoid this message, try refreshing or reload the browser. If that does not work, close all sessions of Internet Explorer or Mozilla and then open the browser again. 

    If this persists, file your documents in hard copy with the clerks office.


  • What is the turnaround time from the online submission to the case being assigned and opened in ecf?

    Up to 5 Business Days

  • What will happen if the fee is not paid within seven (7) days?

    The court may enter an order dismissing your case.

  • How much time do I have to pay the case filing fee?

    After the case has been opened, you will receive an electronic notification via ECF, the fee must be paid within seven (7) days.

  • If I submit a case for filing today and it is opened days later, what will be the case filing date?

    The case filed date is the date the files were submitted, not when the case was assigned and opened in ecf.

  • Do I need to sign and then scan the civil cover sheet and complaint, petition or notice of removal?

    No signature is needed, but it is necessary that the attorney’s name and email address on the online submission form match the name on the documents.

  • I am an attorney that is not registered in the Eastern District of New York, can I still use the new case online submission form?

    No, were are currently only accepting online submissions from NYED registered attorneys.