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Judge Edward R. Korman

Andrew L. Frey is appointed as amicus curiae to brief and argue the position that the petitioner is not entitled to resentencing under Miller and Montgomery. The issue presented by this case is whether or not the imposition of a life sentence was mandatory in the manner contemplated by Miller, and must therefore be vacated.

Judge Frederic Block

1:15-cv-00686-FB-PK Wexler v. AT&T Corp.
Memorandum and Order Dated 9/30/2016

1:15-cv-05496-FB-VMS Singh et al v.Joshi et al
Memorandum and Order dated 8/15/2016
USA v. Nesbeth
Opinion dated 5/25/2016
Singh et al v.Joshi et al
Memorandum and Order

Magistrate Judge James Orenstein

In Re: Order requiring Apple, Inc. To assist in the execution of a search warrant issued by this Court