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Pro Se Mediation Advocacy Program

For Parties

The EDNY offers unrepresented litigants with an opportunity to obtain a pro bono attorney for the purpose of mediation in matters of employment discrimination.  If you have filed an employment discrimination case pro se you may be eligible to participate in this program.  For more information about this program please review the Frequently Asked Questions page.  
For Counsel

The EDNY ADR program offers unrepresented litigants the opportunity to obtain pro bono representation for the purpose of mediation in matters of employment discrimination. 

The mediations are generally conducted before members of the EDNY’s mediation panel.  The mediators are experienced attorneys who have been certified as mediators by the court.  Volunteer attorneys will meet with clients, prepare for the mediation, and represent the plaintiff during the course of the mediation.  Most mediations take place in one day, however, if no settlement is reached during the first session, but all parties believe settlement is possible, a second session may be scheduled.  If a settlement is not reached, the pro bono attorney has no obligation to stay on as counsel for the remainder of the case.

To be qualified to serve as pro bono counsel in this program, applicants must be admitted to practice in the state of New York for a minimum of two years and be admitted to the Eastern District of New York.  Applicants must also have at minimum two years of experience serving as an advocate and must be knowledgeable of the laws of employment discrimination.   

To apply to serve as pro bono counsel for the purposes of employment discrimination please fill out the Attorney Application for the EDNY Representation in Mediation Program.

For more information contact Robyn Weinstein at 718.613.2578 or via e-mail at