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  • A party we represent was dismissed, but we are still receiving notifications, how can we stop the notifications?

    Please file a Notice on the case requesting that the attorney be terminated from the case.  Once terminated, notifications will stop.

  • Are there special setting for IE 11 to use with CM/ECF?

    Though IE version 11 is not supported by CM/ECF, you can try this setting.

    Under Tools - select  "compatability view settings" - under "add this website", type in uscourts.gov and add it to the list of websites.

  • Can an attorney who is appearing pro se use their attorney cm/ecf account to file?

    No. If you appearing pro se and wish to file on the case, you would need to file a Motion for Leave to Allow Pro Se to Electronically File. If granted, you will be issued a pro se filing account.

  • Can I use Chrome or Opera for ecf or pacer?

    Chrome and Opera does not work with ecf or pacer. Please use the recommended browsers.

    Firefox 15.x
    Internet Explorer 8 and 9.x
    Safari 5.1

  • Can my secretary/paralegal use my ECF Login and Password?

    Yes - however, as the registered Attorney - your name will appear as the signator of the electronically filed document, and all certification responsibilities remain with you, the attorney of record.

  • Do I need to sign my ecf documents and then scan them?

    If your document was created using a word processor software, then it should be printed to pdf. There is no need to print, sign and scan to pdf.  Your ecf login and password is your signature.

  • Does mandatory ecf mean that I need to have ecf filing account?

    Yes, in order to file and receive emails on cases, you must register for an ecf account.

  • Does the AOL browser work with ECF?

    No, try using Internet Explorer 8 or 9 or Mozilla Firefox 15.x.

  • Does the court allow attorneys to file new cases via CM/ECF?

    Yes, NYED does allow attorneys admitted to the EDNY bar  to file new cases through CM/ECF. Click here for information on attorney case opening.

  • Does the Court allow the electronic filing of audio files?

    No, not at this time.

  • How can I link an attorney on a case for notifications?


    During the first electronic filing an attorney makes after receiving a login and password, ECF may note that it does not have a link between the filing attorney and the filing party. ECF will, at this point, allow counsel to make the link.
    Making a link between counsel and a party to a case will add counsel’s name and address to the front of the docket sheet.
    NOTE: Some events will not give counsel the option of linking themselves to a party. In these instances, you must file a Notice of Appearance. The filing of a notice of Appearance will not only link your name to specific parties but will add your appearance to the docket sheet enabling you to receive e-mails when electronicfilings are made, either by the Court or counsel.
  • How can I stop email notifications for an attorney on a case where that attorney no longer represents a party and/or the party has been terminated?

    For Brooklyn
    Contact the CM/ECF Docketing/Filing Help Desk at (718) 613-2610

    For Central Islip
    Contact the CM/ECF Docketing/Filing Help Desk at (631) 712-6010.

  • How can I view pdfs from a NEF on a MAC?

    To view pdf's from the NEF:

    1. Launch TinkerTool
    2) Go to the Safari Menu
    3) Select Disable native support for display of PDF documents
    4) Relaunch Safari

    You can also try...

    Use Safari from your email
    Install the mozilla/firefox and then install the add-on (Firefox PDF Plugin for MAC OS X)

  • How can we stop ecf notices for an attorney who represents a party that has been terminated on a case?

    File a Notice on the case requesting that the attorney be terminated from the case.

  • How do I access an ECF case docket sheet online with PACER?

    Go to Court Website - www.nyed.uscourts.gov - Then to Live ECF/PACER Database; Enter PACER login and password; Click on Reports; Click on Docket Sheet - enter case number. To register for a PACER Account: Go to Pacer Website: http://pacer.psc.uscourts.gov OR Call Pacer Service Center - (800)676-6856 or (210)301-6440