Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I am a registered ECF Attorney - in order to view the docket sheet for my cases - do I need a PACER account as well?

    YES. ECF is for FILING only. PACER is for VIEWING and PRINTING.

  • I am adding a party to a civil case, do I need to enter an email address for the party?

    No, parties do not need email addresses added.

  • I am adding a party to a civil case, do I need update "Notice" from yes to no?

    Yes, you can update it to no. 

  • I am already admitted to practice in the Southern District of New York - What do I need to do to practice in the Eastern District?

    You need to appear in person with a Certificate of Good Standing (valid for 30 days) and pay the one time fee of $201.00. You will receive a wall certificate on the day that you take the oath and sign the Attorney Roll.

  • I am an attorney trying to file something under seal and I am receiving this error message - You are not authorized to seal an entry or document.

    Please contact the court at (718) 613-2610 or (631) 712-6010 to have your access on the case(s) updated.

  • I am an attorney with an ecf account and I wish to receive emails on a case I am not on. How do I go about that?

    If a registered attorney wishes to be notified of case activity in a case they are not appearing on, the attorney may send a request with their full name, ecf account login ID, and the case number(s) to:


  • I am filing a Rule 7.1 disclosure statement, what event do I use?

    Corporate Disclosure Statement

  • I am having a problem with the information on my account, who do I contact?

    Please contact the CM/ECF Registration Help Desk or one of these numbers:

    (718) 613-2312

    (718) 613-2576 

    (718) 613-2588


  • I am having problems viewing a pdf from the ecf notification, it says I do not have permission to view it. How can I view the pdf?
    Enter your CM/ECF filer login and password. The system prompts customers for a CM/ECF login and password when attempting to view certain types of documents.
  • I am having problems with ECF NEFs and my Yahoo account.

    1. Login to Yahoo Mail.
    2. Click on "Mail Options" on the right hand side of your screen.
    3. Click on "Filters" at the lower left hand side of screen.
    4. Click the “Add” Button.
    5. Assign a Filter Name - (e.g., NYED ECF)
    6. Underneath the heading "if all of the following rules are true..." go to the top row labeled "FROM header." Next to this you will see a drop down menu. Make sure to select "contains", then simply type “” into the box provided.
    7. At the bottom, where it says "Move the message to:", select "Inbox" from the drop-down menu.
    8. Click the "Add Filter" button at the bottom to add this filter.

  • I am listed on a case, but am not receiving the notices. How can I resolve this?

    Please ensure that under your name on the docket is says (ATTORNEY TO BE NOTICED).

    If is does not, then contact the appropriate office Brooklyn (718 613-2610) or Central Islip (631 712-6010) with the case number so noticing can be updated.

  • I am locked out of my cm/ecf account, where can I reset my password?

    If you are locked out of your ecf, you must wait until the locked time has expired before resetting your CM/ECF password.


  • I am looking for the courts forms, where are they now located?

    All forms are now located under the main tab Forms and Instructions

  • I am looking up a case number in ecf/pacer and I get this message - Cannot find case. How can I obtain information for this case?

    Records Management at (718) 613-2265 or (718) 613-2645.

  • I am receiving an error message while trying to file a satisfaction of judgment, who do I contact to correct the error?

    When attempting to docket to a satisfaction of judgment and you receive this error:

    Update judgment information No Judgments For Case

    Please contact the appropriate docketing office.

    Brooklyn (718) 613-2610
    Central Islip (631) 712-6010.