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  • How do I go about requesting attorney admission information?

    Please contact the court at (718) 613-2285 or (631) 712-6030

  • How do I know which EDNY courthouse has my case file?

    There are two Eastern District Courthouse locations: Brooklyn and Central Islip. Case files are available at the courthouse where the Judge assigned to the case is located. Call Intake Section for name of Judge OR check the Docket Sheet on Pacer (to register for an account, go to website at or call the Pacer Service Center at (800)676-6856 or (210)301-6440.)

    Even if the Judge listed in Central Islip, there is a chance that the file is in Brooklyn. It is best to call the CI courthouse before traveling.

  • How do I know which fee status to select?

    There are seven choices in this drop-down menu. However, only four of them will be used by attorneys during the electronic case-opening process. 

    If you plan to pay filing fees online with a credit card through at the time of filing, select “pd (Fee Paid)”; 

    if you are filing an action on behalf of the United States, select “none (no fee required)”; 

    if you are filing an action in which the fee is waived by statute, select “wv (Fee Waived)”; 

    if you are filing a motion to proceed informa pauperis, select “IFP Pending”.

  • How do I know which office code to select?
    The “Office” drop-down menu provides choices to past and present divisions of the Eastern District.
    • Brooklyn
    • Central Islip
    [DO NOT select Hauppauge or Uniondale]

    The appropriate division for your case is determined by the Court’s Division of Business Rule. (Local Rule 50.1). You may not choose a division based on your personal preference; you must select the division based on your answers to Division of Business questions on Page 2 of the Civil Cover Sheet.

    • If you answered (1) “yes” to questions 1 or 2(a) OR (2) “no” to question 2(b) and defendant resides in Nassau or Suffolk County, then select Central Islip from the drop-down menu.
    • For all other cases - select Brooklyn.

    Once you have made your selections for “Office” and “Case Type”; click “Next”.
  • How do I obtain a Disciplinary History Certificate for an attorney?

    Please contact the court at (718) 613-2285 or (631) 712-6030

  • How do I obtain copies of documents that are not available on Pacer?

    Please contact the Records Management at (718) 613-2265 or (718) 613-2645. 

  • How do I obtain Immigration and Naturalization records and related information?

    Contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website: official website of the Department of Homeland Security, or contact Immigration Information 1800-375-5283 for any Immigration related question.

  • How do I obtain information (such as party names, attorneys, case number, judge assigned to the case and the status) for a case?
    Computer Access
    Electronic case summaries and docket information may be viewed through the court's Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system. A PACER account is required. Visit the PACER website to register (
    In Person
    In the Clerk's Office of the Brooklyn and Central Islip courthouses, public terminals are available at which members of the public may look up case information and view and print case documents. These are available during the hours the Clerk's Office is open. 
  • How do I Prevent Hotmail/Windows Live From Filtering Notices Of Electronic Filing From Your E-Mail Account

    1. Select Contacts from the Hotmail navigation bar.
    2. Follow the Safe List link.
    3. Type "" in the Safe List entry field.
    4. Click "Add".
    5. The new entry should now appear on the Safe List

  • How do I register for a PACER Account?

    Go to -- Click on Registration Icon. Call Pacer Service Center at (800)676-6856 or (210)301-6440 for more information. Beginning in January 2004,instant and free registration is available online.

  • How do I register for an ECF account?

    Click here for the online ecf login and password registration form.

  • How do I remove a secondary email address from an ecf account?

    Send an e-mail request with the attorney’s name and bar code to:, along with the email address(s) to be removed.

  • How do I remove an attorney from a case?

    Local rule 1.4. provides in pertinent part that an" attorney who has appeared as attorney of record for a party may be relieved or displaced only by an order of the Court . . . ."  Accordingly, court approval is needed to substitute one attorney for another attorney who has appeared, even if from the same law firm (because individual attorneys, not law firms, appear as counsel of record).  In many instances where one attorney at a firm is being removed while one or more other attorneys at the same firm continue to represent a party, a simply letter motion to the magistrate judge explaining why the attorney should be removed (e.g., has left the firm) is sufficient.



  • How do I replace a secondary email address from an ecf account?

    Send an e-mail request with the attorney’s name and bar code to:, along with the email address(s) to be replaced.

  • How do I resolve an error that I am receiving for when trying to pay via

    The error is due to enhancing TLS (Transport Layer Security) Protocol for transactions. made this change in the past couple weeks and by default only "Use TLS 1.0" is checked in older browser settings.

    In IE, click the Tools - Internet Options  - Advanced tab, scroll until you see Use TLS 1.2 - check off the option.
    Click Apply, OK