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Transcript Information

To place a transcript order you must contact the individual court reporter directly by telephone or by fax at the numbers listed below.

For a court reporter other than the ones listed below please contact ESR at (718) 613-2590 for Brooklyn, (631)  712-6015 for Central Islip.

If you do not know the name of the court reporter please use PACER to obtain that information from the corresponding docket entry.

If you do not have access to PACER call 1-800-676-6856 to register. Urgent requests for assistance in locating the name of a reporter can be directed to the ESR office. It is the attorney's responsibility, however, to follow through and contact the assigned reporter directly to place the order for transcript.

Forms required by the Court of Appeals for ordering transcripts on appeal must also be directed and addressed to the individual reporter assigned to that proceeding.

Official Court Reporters

Name Telephone Number Fax Number
Avery Armstrong (718) 613-2419  
Perry Auerbach please contact ESR  
Andronikh Barna (718) 613-2178  
Richard Barry Please contact via email  
Georgette Betts (718) 804-2777 (718) 804-2795
Sherry Bryant Please contact via email  
Mickey Brymer Please contact via email  
Nicole Canales Please contact via email  
Ellen Combs Please contact via email  
Kristi Cruz (718) 613-2676 (718) 613-2264
Linda Danelczyk (718) 613-2330 (718) 804-2712
Marsha Diamond Please contact via email  
Holly Driscoll Please contact via email  
Mary Agnes Drury Please contact via email  
Joshua Edwards Please contact via email  
Marie Foley (631) 712-6104 (631) 712-6121
Anthony Frisolone (718) 613-2487 (718) 613-2694
Angela Grant Please contact via email  
Shernelle Griffith Please contact via email  
Fred Guerino (631) 712-6105 (631) 712-6119
Charleane Heading (718) 613-2643 (718) 613-2127
Judi Johnson Please contact via email  
Charisse Kitt Please contact via email  
Paul Lombardi (631) 712-6106 (631) 712-6122
ToniAnn Lucatorto (718) 613-2601 (718) 804-2716
Michele Lucchese (718) 613-2272 (718) 804-2719
Stacy A Mace  (718) 613-2609 (718) 804-2765
Anthony Mancuso Please contact via email  
Linda Marino (718) 613-2484 (718) 804-2724
Annette Montalvo Please contact via email  
Leeann Musolf (718) 613-2489 (718) 613-2267
Michele Nardone please contact via email  
Sophie Nolan (718) 613-2622 (718) 804-2716
Denise Parisi (718) 613-2605  
Stephanie Picozzi Please contact via email  
Harry Rapaport Please contact via email  
Wendy C. Ricard Please contact via email  
David Roy please contact via email  
Gene Rudolph Please contact via email  
Lisa Schmid (631) 712-6102  
Lisa Schwam Please contact via email  
Nicole Sesta (718) 804-2758  
Henry Shapiro Please contact via email  
Allan Sherman Please contact via email  
Shelly Silverman Please contact via email  
Mary Ann Steiger (631) 712-6101 (631) 712-6117
Jamie Stanton (718) 613-2274  
Burt Sulzer Please contact via email  
Rivka Teich (718) 613-2268 (718) 613-2480
Jennifer Thun Please contact via email  
Ronald Tolkin please contact ESR  
Victoria Torres-Butler (718) 613-2607 (718) 613-2324
Dom Tursi please contact ESR  
Owen Wicker please contact ESR

Electronic Sound Recorders (ESR) 

Office Phone Number Fax Number
ESR Brooklyn (718) 613-2590  (718) 613-2597
ESR Central Islip (631) 712-6015 (631) 712-6043