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To enter eVoucher, click here ---->NYED CJA eVoucher


CJA Attorneys, please note: There is a two step process for a voucher for a transcript. First, create an Auth24 in eVoucher. This must be approved by the Judge. Second, after Judge approval, you must create a CJA24. When doing so, unclick the button for "Attorney Enter" and click the button for "Expert Enter." Then the voucher will go to the court reporter.


eVoucher is a web-based application that will facilitate CJA
voucher processing. EDNY started using eVoucher to process all CJA vouchers on April 11, 2016. To obtain your
login information, please contact Janet Hamilton.


 To get started with eVoucher, first  follow these steps:
1.       Complete the Attorney Acknowledgement Form and the W-9 and send them to  Janet Hamilton, CJA Clerk.
2.       You will receive your login information from Janet Hamilton.
3.       Review Getting Started and follow all steps.

Important: EDNY stopped accepting paper vouchers after April 15, 2016.  Attorneys should upload their vouchers directly into eVoucher after registration has been completed.  Service providers should send their vouchers to the hiring attorney so that they may be uploaded into the system.  
Please contact Janet Hamilton at  718-613-2288 or via email Janet Hamilton if you have any concerns.

eVoucher Support
For assistance using eVoucher, please contact one of the following people:

Login/passwords: Janet Hamilton 718-613-2288

Assistance using program:
Janet Hamilton  718-613-2288

Deanna Rodin (631) 712-6004

Evelyn Levine (718) 613-2312