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RSS Feeds

RSS is a widely used Internet technology that permits you to automatically stay up to date with the latest information to be posted on a web site. By having your Internet browser, email program or even your cell phone "subscribe" to a specific "news feed" on the web site of interest, you will be automatically notified of new information shortly after it is published. You will save time and trouble by letting your PC or cell phone handle the chore of periodically looking for new information on your behalf.


To subscribe to the RSS feeds for the Eastern District of New York, click on the following links.


The CM/ECF feed is configured to gives you the last 24 hours of filings for Public Complaints.
Orders and Judgments. To actually view the docket entry/document, a PACER account is required and a fee will be incurred.

EDNY Case Twitter Feed

EDNY Ops Twitter Feed
(Operational Notices - Closing, Rules, etc)

News and Announcements
News and Announcements for the public and bar from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.