Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I substitute an attorney from the same law firm on a case?

    Local rule 1.4. provides in pertinent part that an" attorney who has appeared as attorney of record for a party may be relieved or displaced only by an order of the Court . . . ."  Accordingly, court approval is needed to substitute one attorney for another attorney who has appeared, even if from the same law firm (because individual attorneys, not law firms, appear as counsel of record).  In many instances where one attorney at a firm is being removed while one or more other attorneys at the same firm continue to represent a party, a simply letter motion to the magistrate judge explaining why the attorney should be removed (e.g., has left the firm) is sufficient.





  • I am trying to file something under seal but I am receiving an error message SortDPF Failed what am I doing wrong?

    Click here  to review the sealed filing instructions for civil and criminal.



  • I am a registered attorney and I would like to be notified of case activity in a case I am not appearing on, how do I go about that?
    If a registered attorney wishes to be notified of case activity in a case they are not appearing on, the attorney may send a request with their full name, ecf account login ID, and the case
  • What is the format for entering a dollar demand?

    Demand ($000): Enter the dollar amount to the nearest thousand with no punctuation. That is, if the complaint asserts damages in the amount of $75,000, enter “75”; if the complaint asserts damages in the amount of $5,000,000 enter “5000”. The smallest amount which can be entered is “1” (for $1,000.00). Round up or down as needed to the nearest thousand (e.g., $750.00 = 1; $1,498.56 = 1; $25,501.99 = 26). If no specific dollar amount is demanded in the complaint, leave this field blank.

  • How do I go about requesting a refund of fees paid electronically on CM/ECF?

    You will need to file a Motion for Refund of Fees Paid Electronically with the court.

  • Does the Court allow the electronic filing of audio files?

    No, not at this time.

  • How do I add parties to case I am opening?

    See pages (8 and the Appendix) of the attorney case opening manual for that information.

  • If I use e-submission to submit my case, do I also need to file it under attorney case opening?

    No. If you submit your case using e-submission you do not need to file it using attorney case opening or submitting it in paper form. 

  • If I use attorney case opening to file my case, do I also need to submit it under e-submission?

    No. If you file your case using cm/ecf attorney case opening, you do not need to submit it via e-submission or in paper form. 

  • How do I know which fee status to select?

    There are seven choices in this drop-down menu. However, only four of them will be used by attorneys during the electronic case-opening process. 

    If you plan to pay filing fees online with a credit card through at the time of filing, select “pd (Fee Paid)”; 

    if you are filing an action on behalf of the United States, select “none (no fee required)”; 

    if you are filing an action in which the fee is waived by statute, select “wv (Fee Waived)”; 

    if you are filing a motion to proceed informa pauperis, select “IFP Pending”.