Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I know which fee status to select?

    There are seven choices in this drop-down menu. However, only four of them will be used by attorneys during the electronic case-opening process. 

    If you plan to pay filing fees online with a credit card through at the time of filing, select “pd (Fee Paid)”; 

    if you are filing an action on behalf of the United States, select “none (no fee required)”; 

    if you are filing an action in which the fee is waived by statute, select “wv (Fee Waived)”; 

    if you are filing a motion to proceed informa pauperis, select “IFP Pending”.

  • How do I know which office code to select?
    The “Office” drop-down menu provides choices to past and present divisions of the Eastern District.
    • Brooklyn
    • Central Islip
    [DO NOT select Hauppauge or Uniondale]

    The appropriate division for your case is determined by the Court’s Division of Business Rule. (Local Rule 50.1). You may not choose a division based on your personal preference; you must select the division based on your answers to Division of Business questions on Page 2 of the Civil Cover Sheet.

    • If you answered (1) “yes” to questions 1 or 2(a) OR (2) “no” to question 2(b) and defendant resides in Nassau or Suffolk County, then select Central Islip from the drop-down menu.
    • For all other cases - select Brooklyn.

    Once you have made your selections for “Office” and “Case Type”; click “Next”.
  • Who may file using CM/ECF attorney case opening?
    Effective February 3, 2014, attorneys may electronically open and file civil cases in CM/ECF if the following conditions are met:
    (1) The attorney has a valid CM/ECF login and password issued by the Eastern District of New York.
    (2) One of the following is true:
    • All filing fees will be paid online with a credit card through; or
    • No filing fee is required (i.e., cases filed by the U.S. government or exempted by statute).
    (3) The attorney is a member of the EDNY bar.
    (4) No motion for a temporary restraining order or order to show cause accompanies the initiating document.
  • How do I remove an attorney from a case?

    Local rule 1.4. provides in pertinent part that an" attorney who has appeared as attorney of record for a party may be relieved or displaced only by an order of the Court . . . ."  Accordingly, court approval is needed to substitute one attorney for another attorney who has appeared, even if from the same law firm (because individual attorneys, not law firms, appear as counsel of record).  In many instances where one attorney at a firm is being removed while one or more other attorneys at the same firm continue to represent a party, a simply letter motion to the magistrate judge explaining why the attorney should be removed (e.g., has left the firm) is sufficient.



  • I am trying to add an attorney to a case, what does this docket text mean (notification declined or already on case)?
    The docket text (notification declined or already on case), means:
    either the notification option was de-selected(notification declined) or the attorney is already representing party(s) on the case (already on case).
  • Who do I contact if I have not received my confirmation email for my ecf account registration?

    Please contact the CM/ECF Registration Help Desk (718) 613-2312

  • I forgot my ecf login id and password, how can I retrieve the information?

    Please re-register for an ecf account.

  • Who do I contact to request a name change on my ecf account and admission record?

    Please contact the attorney admissions department at (718) 613-2285 or (631) 712-6030.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions on courtroom technology?

    Arrangements to use one or more items can be made with the respective courtroom deputy.

    Questions regarding the equipment can be directed to (718) 613-2290.

  • Where can I locate the transcript rates?

    The transcript rates are located on the transcript information page.