Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who do I contact if I have a question on a filing made on cm/ecf?


    Contact the CM/ECF Docketing/Filing Help Desk
    Brooklyn (718) 613-2610
    Central Islip (631) 712-6010
  • I made a filing error and I need to remove the docket entry from the case, who do I contact?

    Once a filing has been made, it can only be removed by an Order from the court.

  • When I search by Judge name for an opinion, there are only a few or none listed. Is there a problem with the website?


    The Eastern District of New York offers a limited database of opinions for the years 1999 to 2013, listed by year and judge.
    If you cannot locate an opinion on our website, please login to our pacer site with your pacer login and password or access the GPO FDsys website.

  • What is the telephone number for the Eastern District Bankruptcy Court?

    Please click here for their contact information.

  • I do not see the redaction box to select on the CM/ECF/Pacer login screen, how can I have my browser display it.


    Try clearing out the browsers cookies, cache, temp files.


    Internet Explorer

    Tools - Internet Options -  General - Browsing History - Delete - select ( Temporary Internet Files and Cookies), then click on Delete, Press OK. Close all the browser sessions then open the browser.

    Tools - Options - Privacy - Settings - make sure that Cookies, Cache and Browsing History are all selected, press OK, then select Clear history when Firefox closes, Press OK. Close all the browser sessions then open the browser.

  • Does the court allow attorneys to file new cases via CM/ECF?

    Yes, NYED does allow attorneys admitted to the EDNY bar  to file new cases through CM/ECF. Click here for information on attorney case opening.

  • Are stipulations emailed to NYED, as they are in NYSD?

    No, filings for NYED cases are made via CM/ECF. The clerks office does not accept emailed filings.

  • I tried to reset my password, but I have not received an email, how can I resolve this?

    There can be several causes:

    • Ensure that the cm/ecf login id is entered correctly, it is case sensitive.
    • If you are locked out of cm/ecf, ensure that you wait the alloted time before requesting a password reset.
    • If you have an AOL or Hotmail email address, contact AOL and have them unblock the email.
    • If you do not have an AOL email address, check your spam/junk folder for the email request.
    • If the above does not resolve your issue, then you can re-register for an ecf account. 
  • I need to locate a transcript that is not on pacer, who do I contact?

    Please click here for the information on transcripts.

  • Where can I find information on how to update an attorney's ecf account?

    Information can be found on the ECF Quick Reference Sheet for Attorneys.