Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I made a filing error and I need to edit the docket entry on a case, who do I contact?

    Once a filing has been made, it can only be corrected by an Order from the court.

  • I made a filing error and I need to remove the docket entry from the case, who do I contact?

    Once a filing has been made, it can only be removed by an Order from the court.

  • I need assistance filing on ecf, who do I contact?

    You can contact the docketing department.  For Brooklyn cases (718 613-2610), for Long Island cases (631-712-6010).

  • I need to contact the Jury Department by phone, what is the telephone number?

    Brooklyn (718) 613-2600, press 5

    Central Islip (631) 712-6000, press 4

  • I need to expedite my cm/ecf filing account, who do I contact?
    Please contact the registration department, you may try one of these numbers.

    (718) 613-2312

    (718) 613-2576 

    (718) 613-2588



  • I need to file a Notice of Appearance, however my information is still listed for my prior law firm. How can I update my account?

    Re-register your account, when you receive your updated login information, file your notice of appearance.

  • I need to locate a transcript that is not on pacer, who do I contact?

    Please click here for the information on transcripts.

  • I need to request a transcript for a court reporter that is not listed, who do I contact?

    Please contact ESR
    Brooklyn (718) 613-2590
    Central Islip  (631) 712-6015

  • I need to reset my cm/ecf password, where can I do that?

    Click here to reset your CM/ECF password.

  • I noticed that Attorney to be Noticed” is not appearing near the attorney's name and the attorney is not receiving notices, how can this be corrected?

    Please contact the appropriate office where your case is located (718) 613-2610 for Brooklyn and (631) 712-6010 for Central Islip.

  • I re-registered my ecf account, however my information on the case was not updated. How can I update the case?

    Re-regstering your account does not update cases. If you have pending case, please follow the below procedure:

    File a Notice of Change(Notice of Change of Address/Firm/Email) in each case. Once the Notice of Change(Notice of Change of Address/Firm/Email) has been filed in each case, the account will be updated with the new information and only applied to those case(s).

  • I receive this error SortDPF failed Seal(entry,silent) when trying to file a sealed entry - why?

    When filing sealed in ecf, you must select a primary event and then select one of the sealed utility events. Example: Rule 56.1 Statement and 1 - Sealed Entry AND Document - to be used ONLY in conjunction with other selection.

  • I received a NEF for an entry but when I click on the pdf, I receive this message "Document Under Seal". Why cannot I see the pdf?

    You cannot see the pdf because it is sealed. Sealed pdfs are only viewable to the court.

  • I received a regenerated email from ecf, does that mean that my filing was refiled?

    No, it means that he the original NEF email was resent/regenerated.

  • I received an email notification that does not provide a hyperlink to the document number. Is this an error?

    No. If there is no pdf for the order. This is sometimes called an "electronic order" or "endorsed order".  The entry (docket text) is the order.