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Frequently Asked Questions

  • JURY Can I postpone my Jury Duty via email?

    All requests for postponements or excusals must be made IN WRITING no less than 10 DAYS prior to the summons date. Please use the postage-paid envelope provided with your summons and include a copy of your summons along with the request.

  • JURY Can I still be a juror if I am not a citizen, or I am a non-resident,or an attorney?

    Proof must be provided in writing before the summons date. All proof should be accompanied with a copy of the summons and sent to the address on the face of the summons.

  • JURY Do I cash the check and give my employer the base payment for each day I serve as a juror or do I have to give the entire check?

    Your employer is not entitled to the travel expenses incurred during your term of service.

  • JURY Do I get a separate check for my jury service and travel expenses?

    There will only be one check, covering your travel expenses and jury service fees, and it will be mailed directly to you.

  • JURY Do I submit my LIRR receipts?

    No, public transportation is computed automatically. Only parking, bridge EZPass and/or toll receipts are needed. Please print your name, address and summons date on the back of all receipts that you submit.

  • JURY Do we have to come here on the weekend for jury service?

    Court is not in session for jury selections on the weekend.

  • JURY How do I get reimbursed for tolls on the way to court for jury service if I use EZ-Pass?

    When you receive your monthly bill, itemize the days in which you served at the court and mail it in. Make sure you include your name, address, and summons date on the receipt.

  • JURY How is someone selected for jury duty?

    Every two years, in the year following a federal election, the rolls of voters from each county in the Eastern District of New York are used together with a list from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles from the same counties to create a master list of potential jurors within the District. A random selection of names from that master list is drawn from as jurors are needed by the Court. If you received a questionnaire or summons then you appear on one of these lists.

  • JURY How long will I be here today for jury selections?

    Depending on when all jury selections have been completed, in most cases, you will be released before 5:00pm.

  • JURY How long will it take to get a certificate of attendance?

    Proof of service showing each day you reported will be mailed immediately at the end of your term of service.

  • JURY How long will it take to get my jury service check?

    Your check should be mailed to you in less than 8 weeks.

  • JURY How will you know I live in a two-fare zone?

    Payment is computed automatically by your zip code.

  • JURY I need to contact the Jury Department by phone, what is the telephone number?

    Brooklyn (718) 613-2600, press 5

    Central Islip (631) 712-6000, press 4

  • JURY If I receive a jury summons and have already served, what do I do?

    If you have served within the past two years, send the court that has summonsed you a copy of the proof of service or certificate of attendance you received from the court you served at. However, if you were only a telephone standby juror, and never had to physically appear for jury service, you may still be eligible to serve at the court who is summoning you to appear now.

  • JURY Is there a dress code for jurors?

    Proper court attire is mandatory. No jeans, shorts, tank tops, sweats or other very casual attire is permitted. Dress "business casual" or "business" for your appearance.