Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I need to locate a transcript that is not on pacer, who do I contact?

    Please click here for the information on transcripts.

  • Where can I find information on how to update an attorney's ecf account?

    Information can be found on the ECF Quick Reference Sheet for Attorneys.

  • I am filing a Rule 7.1 disclosure statement, what event do I use?

    Corporate Disclosure Statement

  • I am trying to reset my ecf password, but I have not received an email, what would cause that?

    Check the following

    • Is the primary email address on your account correct?  If you have changed firms, you will need to re-register for an ecf account. Once re-registered, you will receive a new password.
    • The login id is case sensitive, enter it as it appeared on your ecf registration.
  • How do I add a case to an attorney account for monitoring only?


    If a registered attorney wishes to be notified of case activity in a case they are not appearing on, the attorney may send a request with their full name, ecf account login ID, and the case
    number(s)  to:
  • I am adding a party to a civil case, do I need update "Notice" from yes to no?

    Yes, you can update it to no. 

  • I am adding a party to a civil case, do I need to enter an email address for the party?

    No, parties do not need email addresses added.

  • I am locked out of my cm/ecf account, where can I reset my password?

    If you are locked out of your ecf, you must wait until the locked time has expired before resetting your CM/ECF password.


  • I need to reset my cm/ecf password, where can I do that?

    Click here to reset your CM/ECF password.

  • I am unsure what event code to use for a filing, is there someone I can contact to check on the correct code to use?

    You can contact the docketing department.  For Brooklyn cases (718 613-2610), for Long Island cases (631-712-6010).