Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I cannot find an event for filing discovery documents what event can I use?

    Please refer to Local Rule 5.1 regarding the filing of discovery documents.

  • I cannot locate the cm/ecf event listing, where is it now located?

    The event listing is no longer available.

    To search for an event:

    Login to cm/ecf, click Search on the menu bar and type in part of the name of the event you are looking for.

  • I did not pay the appeal filing fee when the notice of appeal was filed. How do I pay the fee now?

    Please contact an appeals clerk for assistance.

    Brooklyn (718) 613-2610
    Central Islip 
    (631) 712-6010

  • I discovered that my client has some assets and I want to be retained. What do I do?

    Pursuant to the Guide to Judiciary Policies and Procedures, Vol. VII, Section 2.22 E., no appointed attorney shall accept a payment from or on behalf of the person represented without authorization by the court on a CJA 7 Form. If your client wants to retain you, you must file a motion with the court to be allowed to do this. Your client may also be expected to repay the CJA fund for costs associated with your representation prior to being retained.

  • I do not see the redaction box to select on the CM/ECF/Pacer login screen, how can I have my browser display it.


    Try clearing out the browsers cookies, cache, temp files.


    Internet Explorer

    Tools - Internet Options -  General - Browsing History - Delete - select ( Temporary Internet Files and Cookies), then click on Delete, Press OK. Close all the browser sessions then open the browser.

    Tools - Options - Privacy - Settings - make sure that Cookies, Cache and Browsing History are all selected, press OK, then select Clear history when Firefox closes, Press OK. Close all the browser sessions then open the browser.

  • I filed a case and now when I click on the document number on the notification I get this error 'Cannot locate the case with caseid #####", how do I fix this?

    The error "Cannot locate the case with caseid #####", usually means that the case had extensive errors and is in the process of being corrected before a Judge is assigned.

    Please follow-up with the appropate office:

    Brooklyn (718) 613-2285
    Central Islip (631) 712-6030
  • I filed a Notice of Change of Firm Name and Address on a case, to date, this has yet to be updated. How can we get this updated?
    Please contact the registration department, you may try one of these numbers.

    (718) 613-2312

    (718) 613-2591 

    (718) 613-2593


  • I filled out a fillable form, but it will not save. How can I correct this?

    Download the fillable form to your pc, launch adobe and open the form. Fill it out and save it.

  • I have a MAC and I need to know how to select multiple names when filing?

    Click on one of the party names and then press and hold the MAC command key and click on the other name(s).

  • I have a MAC, can I still participate in ECF?


  • I have a motion and a memo in support to file, do I docket both as motions?

    NO. You can docket the motion and then add the memorandum in support as an attachment or docket the motion and then docket the memorandum in support. Never use the motion events for anything other than a motion.

  • I have logged into CM/ECF but I do not have any events to select for filing. What’s wrong?
    Look at the blue menu bar.
    If you see Civil, Criminal, Query, Reports, Utilities, Search and Logout, click on either the Civil or Criminal tab for a list of filing events.
    If you see Query, Reports, Utilities and Logout, you have used your PACER login and password, which only allows a user to view documents and reports. Click Logout and enter the filing login and password. The options on the menu bar should change.
  • I have to file a Notice of Change(Notice of Change of Address/Firm/Email), is there a court form?

    There is no court form for a Notice of Change of Address/Firm/Email.

  • I logged into ecf and updated my account information in ecf, however is still shows the old information, how can I update my information?

    The only option to edit in nyed cm/ecf on your account is your password.  

    To update your firm/address information,  please refer to:

    To update contact information on ECF:
    If the attorney is currently appearing on an active case(s): a Notice of Change(Notice of Change of Address/Firm/Email) must be e-filed in each case. Once the Notice of Change(Notice of Change of Address/Firm/Email) has been filed in each case, the account will be updated with the new information and only applied to those cases.

    If no active cases, attorney should re-register on the website to update their contact information.


  • I made a filing error and I need to edit the docket entry on a case, who do I contact?

    Once a filing has been made, it can only be corrected by an Order from the court.