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  • I have a MAC using OS 10.8 Mountain Lion with Mozilla 3.6 installed and I cannot use the browser, I receive a message "Firefox cannot be opened".


    Change the settings on the Mac - 
    Select System Preferences > Security and Privacy > click the Lock icon > select Allow Applications Downloaded from Anywhere. 
    Use Firefox for CM/ECF purposes and restore the Security and Privacy settings if desired.
  • If CM/ECF is down and I cannot file something that is time sensitive, is there a provision for delayed filings?
  • Why when I click on E-Filing it sometimes automatically logins me into pacer?

    You may have previously logged into pacer and did not click on the "logout" button. If you click on the "Logout" button you will be presented with the login page.

  • How do I update my contact information on ECF?


    If the attorney is currently appearing on an active case(s): a Notice of Change must be e-filed in each case.
    If no active cases, attorney should re-register on the website to update their contact information.
  • How can I link an attorney on a case for notifications?


    During the first electronic filing an attorney makes after receiving a login and password, ECF may note that it does not have a link between the filing attorney and the filing party. ECF will, at this point, allow counsel to make the link.
    Making a link between counsel and a party toa case will add counsel’s name and address to the front of the docket sheet.
    NOTE: Some events will not give counsel the option of linking themselves to a party. In these instances, you must file a Notice of Appearance. The filing of a notice of Appearance will not only link your name to specific parties but will add your appearance to the docket sheet enabling you to receive e-mails when electronicfilings are made, either by the Court or counsel.
  • Where can I find the form for Notice, Consent, and Reference of a Civil Action to a Magistrate Judge

    The instructions and form is located under forms and instructions - ecf instructions.

  • How can I display my previously entered information for the online attorney admissions application?

    Click on attorney admissions and click on "update my previously entered information".  Enter your first name, last name, barcode and zip code. Press Submit.

  • Can I use Chrome for ecf or pacer?

    Chrome does not work with ecf or pacer. Please use the receommended browsers.
    Firefox 3.5, 3.6 and Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

  • Does the AOL browser work with ECF?

    No, try using Internet Explorer 7 or 8 or Mozilla Firefox 3.6.

  • I received a NEF for an entry but when I click on the pdf, I receive this message "Document Under Seal". Why cannot I see the pdf?

    You cannot see the pdf because it is sealed. Sealed pdfs are only viewable to the court.