Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I have to supply my social security number?

    Yes. To process a voucher for payment, the Administrative Office must have your social security number (16B). The taxpayer or law firm ID number (16C) is required only if you checked "Yes" in 16A. All checks will be made out to you, not the law firm. If your firm is incorporated (16A), a 1099 will be provided to the firm, not to you. 

  • What is the current pay rate for CJA Attorneys?

    The hourly CJA compensation rates are determined by the date and the type of work performed. 


  • What is an attorney's barcode?

    The NYED barcode consists of the first and last initial of the attorneys name and the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.

  • How do I remove an additional email address from my ecf account?

    Send an e-mail request with the attorney’s name and bar code to:, along with the email address(s) to be removed.

  • I am looking for the courts forms, where are they now located?

    All forms are now located under the main tab Forms and Instructions

  • Where can I find the civil summons form?

    The form is located on the United States Courts website.

  • I need to request a transcript for a court reporter that is not listed, who do I contact?

    Please contact ESR
    Brooklyn (718) 613-2590
    Central Islip  (631) 712-6015

  • I am already admitted to practice in the Southern District of New York - What do I need to do to practice in the Eastern District?

    You need to appear in person with a Certificate of Good Standing (valid for 30 days) and pay the one time fee of $196.00. You will receive a wall certificate on the day that you take the oath and sign the Attorney Roll.

  • Will my CM/ECF login for NYE District Court work in NYE Bankruptcy Court?

    No. You must register with NYE Bankruptcy court.

  • I scanned a pdf and filed it in ecf and now I get an "Out of Memory error" message, how do I correct this?

    Check for updates to your scanner software.

    Try reprinting the pdf to pdf. Once the pdf has been reprinted, contact the clerks office at (718-613-2610 for Brooklyn) or (631-712-6010 for Central Islip) and ask that the pdf be replaced.

    If reprinting the pdf to pdf does not work, try rescanning the document using a different software package to create the PDF.  If the pdf was originally created using a word processor, all you need to do is print to pdf. 

    Once the pdf has been rescanned, contact the clerks office at (718-613-2610 for Brooklyn) or (631-712-6010 for Central Islip) and ask that the pdf be replaced on the case.