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  • I want to setup my email notification, but I do not have access to Utilities, Maintain Your Account?

    Your email notification is setup when you register. In the EDNY, we do not allow attorneys to update their account information. If you require updates to your email address, send an email to with your full name and BarId. If you are on cases, please refer to Local Rule 1.3(d).

  • I was retained through sentencing, my client has run out of money and I need to be appointed CJA. What do I do?

    Pursuant to Rule 24 of the F.R.A.P., you should make a motion to proceed IFP in the district court, then move to be appointed CJA at the circuit level once the IFP is granted. If the district denies the application for IFP, you may make the motion at the USCA. 

  • I was unable to print the pdf for my attorney admission submission, is there another way of printing it.


    Try updating your previosuly entered information. 

        - select 'Update My Previously Entered Information' option from the Application for Admission to Practice page or click here;
        - enter your first and last names, barcode, and Zip Code of your office(firm) location;
        - press button 'Submit'.
    Form populated with previously entered data will appear on your screen.
        - make necessary changes;
        - press button 'UPDATE'.
    Completed Petition for Admission will be displayed on your screen in a new browser window. 
    Print this form and submit it by mail to the direct attention of the Attorney Admission Clerk at whichever location (Brooklyn or Central Islip) is more convenient to yourself and sponsor.
    If you are still having problems printing the form, contact the appropriate attorney admissions location and a clerk will email you the completed form.
    Brooklyn  718-613-2285
    Central Islip 631-712-6030


  • I would like to order some archived records, who do I contact?

    Records Management at (718) 613-2265 or (718) 613-2645.



  • If an attorney who is on a case is no longer with our firm, how can we remove the attorney from the case?

    Please refer to local rule 1.4.

  • If CM/ECF is down and I cannot file something that is time sensitive, is there a provision for delayed filings?
  • If I complete my questionnaire online, do I submit the paper form to the court?

    No. If you have completed and submitted your form through eJuror, please do not send the paper form back to the Court. Prior to submitting your completed questionnaire, you can print the information if you would like a copy for your records.

  • If I have an attorney ecf filing account, can I use that account if I am representing myself on a case?

    No, if you are representing yourself in an action, you must seek leave from the court. File a motion for leave to allow pro se to electronically file in the clerks office. If granted, a pro se filing account will be created for you.

  • If I have an ECF filing account in another District, will it work in the EDNY?

    No, you must register in each ecf court.

  • If I receive a jury summons and have already served, what do I do?

    If you have served within the past two years, send the court that has summonsed you a copy of the proof of service or certificate of attendance you received from the court you served at. However, if you were only a telephone standby juror, and never had to physically appear for jury service, you may still be eligible to serve at the court who is summoning you to appear now.

  • Is ECF filing mandatory?

    Yes, as of August 2, 2004, electronic case filing is mandatory for all civil cases other than pro se cases and for all criminal cases.

  • Is it possible to have two ecf accounts?

     Yes, please contact (718) 613-2312  prior to registering for a second account. 

  • Is there a dress code for jurors?

    Proper court attire is mandatory. No jeans, shorts, tank tops, sweats or other very casual attire is permitted. Dress "business casual" or "business" for your appearance.

  • Is there a way to limit the number of e-mail notifications (NEFs) received per day by an Attorney?

    Counsel has the option to receive an e-mail as each filing is made, or to receive only one summary listing of all e-filings at the end of each day. To request a change in this option, send e-mail to

    Whichever option is selected, Counsel must check e-mail notification for document filings and other case-related information.

  • My attorney was admitted pro hac vice in a matter, however the attorney does not appear to be included in notices. How can I resolve this?

    Please have the attorney file a Notice of Appearance using their ecf login and password.