In response to the recent disclosure of widespread cybersecurity breaches of both private sector and government computer systems, federal courts are immediately adding new security procedures to protect highly sensitive confidential documents (HSDs) filed with the courts. The court is currently working to implement such procedures and will provide additional guidance regarding the types of documents that meet the definition of HSDs. For more information, visit



ALL VISITORS TO THE COURT: Please follow this link for guidelines for entry following the restrictions put into place by Adminsitrative Order 2020-22. 


The Health and Safety Protocols for Courthouses in the Eastern District of New York are available here.

The EDNY Plan for Resumption of Jury Trials has been published and is available here.

January 14, 2021: One Administrative Order related to COVID-19 was entered:

All Administrative Orders related to the COVID-19 outbreak and all detention facility reports filed pursuant to Administrative Order 2020-14 can be accessed on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page, here.

The Clerk's Office in both Brooklyn, NY, and Central Islip, NY, will only accept paper filings in the drop box in the lobby of the courthouse. Attorneys filing with this court are strongly encouraged to file electronically. Paper filings may be delayed.

 -Filing Emergency Applications After Business Hours

Notice to the Bar: All requests for Certificates of Good Standing must be made in CM/ECF. See these instructions.

Notice to the public regarding fraudulent documents and advanced fee scams using the name of this Court and forged documents purported to be from its judges. Please see this page.