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Pro Bono Attorney Information

The Eastern District Pro Bono Program

The Court’s Pro Bono Panel consists of attorneys who volunteer their time and expertise to represent a pro se litigant in a pending civil action. Pro bono attorneys make a difference in the lives of pro se litigants and contribute to the fair administration of justice within our district. Pro bono work is important and offers a chance for invaluable experience.

The judges of our Court carefully select which cases merit our request for pro bono counsel. Cases cover a range of legal matters, such as employment discrimination and civil rights, involving both incarcerated and non-incarcerated litigants. In addition to offering full-scope representation in cases, the program also provides opportunities for limited-scope representation, such as conducting depositions and facilitating settlements. The Eastern District Civil Litigation Fund will reimburse certain expenses incurred by a pro bono attorney. 

To express interest in the Pro Bono Panel, complete the Pro Bono Volunteer Registration Form. Registering for the Panel does not obligate an attorney to accept any pro bono case but will allow you to receive our monthly list of available pro bono cases, which will be sent to you by email. If you are interested in a particular case, you contact us, and you will be given time to review the case and contact the litigant. An attorney will never be required to represent a litigant. The attorney controls whether and when to volunteer to represent a litigant on a pro bono basis.


Pro Bono Panel Volunteer Registration Form 

Procedures Governing Pro Bono Counsel

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The Federal Bar Council’s Access to Counsel Project offers support to pro bono attorneys and periodic trainings in trial advocacy.