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CJA Attorney Hourly and Other Rates


CJA hourly rates, case maximums, and other rates are set by the Judicial Conference of the United States Courts. These links will take you to those rates schedules as recorded by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals:

EDNY CJA Plan Schedule A:

CJA Hourly Rates for Attorney Time in Non-Capital Cases and Periods of Applicability
CJA Maximum Hourly Rates for Attorney Time in Capital Cases with Periods of Applicability


EDNY CJA Plan Schedule B:

Case Compensation Maximum Chart
Presumptive Hourly Rates

"Presumptive Hourly Rates" Include:

  • Investigators
  • Associates
  • Paralegals
  • Mitigation Experts
  • Law Students
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Pathologists

Other Rates:

Interpreters Rates Chart
Mileage Allowance