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Summons Information

Jurors requesting to be excused from or postpone their jury service may place their request in writing no less than 10 days prior to the summons date to the jury office. Your letter must be received well in advance of your scheduled jury service date. Please address all requests and documentation to support your request along with a copy of your summons to the following address:

 Clerk's Office - Jury Section
 United States District Court
Eastern District of New York
 225 Cadman Plaza East
 Brooklyn, New York 11201-1818

Postponements or excusals will not be accepted via email.

Please include on the outside of the envelope the date you have been summoned to appear. The following each require you to provide acceptable documentation:

   1.If you are claiming non-citizenship status you must submit a copy of your Green Card or any other legal document verifying that you are not a U.S. Citizen.

   2.If you do not live in Richmond, Queens, Kings, Nassau or Suffolk counties you must submit proof of non-residence. Acceptable documentation to verify non-residence status include a current utility bill, copy of a lease or deed.

   3.If you have active care and custody of children under the age of 10 and you are not employed or are employed part-time, you must submit a copy of the child's birth certificate. If you are the sole care-giver to an aged or infirm person whose health and/or safety would be jeopardized by your absence for jury service, you must submit a doctor's letter attesting to this fact.

   4.If you have served as a juror in a state or federal court within the last two years you must submit the certificate of attendance verifying your service. The state and federal court are not linked and we cannot verify your jury service in your local or state courts without this documentation.

   5.If you have a medical hardship that would impede your jury service you must submit a doctor's letter attesting to this fact.

   6.Actively practicing attorneys, physicians, dentists, registered nurses, police officers, firefighters, members of the clergy, or a person essential to the operation of a business, commercial or agricultural enterprise that would be closed if required to  perform jury duty must submit proof of their profession or business ownership. Acceptable documentation may include but not limited to business license or certificate, corporation papers, or tax papers.

   7.If you have scheduled vacation or travel plans during the time of your jury service you must submit a copy of your prepaid plane ticket or itinerary verifying your travel.

   8.If you are a full-time student you will be granted a postponement upon-receipt of your school schedule verifying your student  status.


Unless you receive a notice from this Court granting you an excuse or postponement, or unless the Court notifies you in writing or by phone to report at a different time, you must attend as directed in the summons.
Failure to obey the summons may be punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.