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Criminal Justice Act

The court has not yet set a deadline for 2024 CJA Panel applications. New application forms are in development. Please do not use forms from prior years.

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United States Circuit Court Judge Peter W. Hall, Chair of the Second Circuit CJA and Pro Bono Committee, announces that the Circuit Court of Appeals and all the District Courts within the Circuit have agreed on a new initiative designed to expedite the processing of CJA vouchers in both the Circuit and District Courts. For any case commencing July 15, 2008 or later, all worksheets submitted for processing to the Circuit or District Courts within the Circuit must be typewritten on the official “pdf.” fillable worksheet forms provided for that purpose by the Courts on their websites. Additionally, CJA Form 26 in the District Courts and CJA Form 27 for Appellate Vouchers in the Court of Appeals will be substituted for the Attorney’s Affidavit in Support of a Voucher Claiming Excess Compensation, the use of which will be discontinued. These forms, along with instruction sheets (CJA Form 26A and 27A), are also available on the Circuit and District Court websites.
Private investigator Joseph P. Dwyer was arrested on October 22, 2014, and charged in the
Southern District of New York with mail fraud and for paying bribes to a New York City Police
Officer to obtain confidential reports from a federal law enforcement database. He is currently
suspended from further practice before this Court.