Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who do I contact to update my information under Arbitrator Listings?

    Please contact the Arbitration clerk at

    Telephone: (718) 613-2325

  • Who do I contact to update my information under Mediator Contact Information?

    Please contact Robyn Weinstein, ADR Administrator at (718) 613-2582 or email

  • What is the difference between "Per filing" and "Summary" NEF?

    Per Filing, an email will be sent for each individual NEF. 

    Summary Report, one daily summary email notice that lists all the filings for that day will be sent the next day.

  • I have to file a Notice of Change, is there a court form?

    There is no court form for a Notice of Change.

  • I am listed on a case, but am not receiving the notices. How can I resolve this?

    Please ensure that under your name on the docket is says (ATTORNEY TO BE NOTICED).

    If is does not, then contact the appropriate office Brooklyn (718 613-2610) or Central Islip (631 712-6010) with the case number so noticing can be updated.

  • Who do I contact if my name comes up on a background check on a NYED case and I am not that person?

    Contact the Records Room at (718) 613-2265 for a records search. The fee for the search is located under court fees. Once the search is complete you will be given a certificate of search.

  • A party we represent was dismissed, but we are still receiving notifications, how can we stop the notifications?

    Please file a Notice on the case requesting that the attorney be terminated from the case.  Once terminated, notifications will stop.

  • I am having a problem with the information on my account, who do I contact?

    Please contact the CM/ECF Registration Help Desk (718) 613-2312

  • How can I get a list of cases an attorney is on?

    Login to CM/ECF with your pacer account.

    Select Query

    Enter the attorneys last name and first name and select (type) attorney. 

    Press Run Query.

  • I filled out a fillable form, but it will not save. How can I correct this?

    Download the fillable form to your pc, launch adobe and open the form. Fill it out and save it.