Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who do I contact to fix a misspelling on a case?
    Contact the CM/ECF Docketing/Filing Help Desk
    Brooklyn (718) 613-2610
    Central Islip (631) 712-6010
  • Who do I contact to request a name change on my ecf account and admission record?

    Please contact the attorney admissions department at (718) 613-2285 or (631) 712-6030.

  • Who do I contact to update the information I just entered on the ecf account registration form?

    Please contact the CM/ECF Registration Help Desk or one of these numbers:

    (718) 613-2312

    (718) 613-2576 

    (718) 613-2588


  • Who may file using CM/ECF attorney case opening?
    Effective February 3, 2014, attorneys may electronically open and file civil cases in CM/ECF if the following conditions are met:
    (1) The attorney has a valid CM/ECF login and password issued by the Eastern District of New York.
    (2) One of the following is true:
    • All filing fees will be paid online with a credit card through; or
    • No filing fee is required (i.e., cases filed by the U.S. government or exempted by statute).
    (3) The attorney is a member of the EDNY bar.
    (4) No motion for a temporary restraining order or order to show cause accompanies the initiating document.
  • Whom do I call regarding CM/ECF software requirements?

    Call the Systems Department Help Desk at (718)613-2290

  • Why can't the lawyers in the Pro Se Office represent me?

    The Staff Attorneys in the Pro Se Office are court employees and as such are prohibited by law from representing litigants, giving legal advice to litigants or doing legal research on behalf of litigants.  The Staff Attorneys, like all employees of the Court, must remain neutral in order to preserve the integrity and independence of the Court. 

  • Why can't the Pro Se Office give legal advice?

    Legal advice should be given only by lawyers to their clients.  The staff of the Pro Se Office consists of court employees and are prohibited by law from giving legal advice. 

  • Why did the system lock me out?
    The system is designed to allow 3 logins, after failure to gain access on the third attempt, the system will lock you out. You must completely log out of e Juror, give it a few minutes, and try again. The system only allows 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire, if it goes beyond that time, you will have to start again.
  • Why when I click on E-Filing it sometimes automatically logins me into pacer?

    You may have previously logged into pacer and did not click on the "logout" button. If you click on the "Logout" button you will be presented with the login page.

  • Will my CM/ECF login for NYE District Court work in NYE Bankruptcy Court?

    No. You must register with NYE Bankruptcy court.