Saul Scheier

ADR Training
Assn. of the Bar, City of New York, US District Court (Eastern District); Supreme Court New york and Westchester training programs.

Professional Training
Harvard Law School, J.D.; CCNY, B.A.

Professional Experience
From 1963 to 1992 I was employed in various capacities by the legal department of the New York Telephone Co. (now Verizon) and for 2 years at AT&T. I started as a trial attorney litigating a variety of tort and commercial matters, including personal injury cases, construction claims (as both plaintiff and defendant), real property actions, injunction proceedings and insurance coverage disputes. In 1968, I transferred into the department's labor and employment relations section to arbitrate labor disputes, assisting in drafting the Company's labor agreements with seven unions and litigating employment and injunction cases in federal, state and administrative agencies. At AT&T, I counseled the 19 Bell Telephone companies with respect to labor matters and employment related litigation having System significance and drafted the umbrella provisions to be incorporated in all their labor agreements. I returned to NYT in 1979 as General Litigation Attorney, a position wherein I supervised the trial staff and outside counsel in their conduct of all lawsuits in the State (other than anti-trust). In 1988, I became the Company's Labor Counsel, where I directed the staff labor attorneys in their conduct of employment litigation and arbitrations. OSHA compliance and other enforcement proceedings, discrimination issues and ERISA compliance. During my career, I personally represented NYT in approximately 40-50 Trials in teh state and federal courts, somewhat more arbitrations and administrative proceedings, and 7 or 8 appeals to the 2d Circuit Court of Appeals, New York Court of Appeals and New York's appellate divisions and appellate terms. Post retirement, I have served as an arbitrator and mediator. With respect to the latter, I have mediated litigated matters for the US District Court (Eastern District), the New York and Westchester Supreme Courts, Housing and Family Courts.