FAQs: Attorney_Admissions

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  • 1. Do I need to file my motion to appear pro hac vice for each attorney or can I file it once?

    A pro hac vice motion must be filed for each attorney who wishes to appear on the case. There is a $150.00 fee per pro hac vice application.

  • 2. What event to I use for a motion to appear pro hac vice?

    Motions and Related Filings>Motions>Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice

  • 3. My attorney was admitted pro hac vice in a matter, however the attorney does not appear to be included in notices. How can I resolve this?

    Please have the attorney file a Notice of Appearance using their CM/ECF login and password.

  • 4. I am an attorney on a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) case; must I file a motion to appear pro hac vice?

    Click here for electronic filing registration.

  • 5. What is the fee for regular admission?


  • 6. What is the fee for pro hac vice admission?


  • 7. I am an Assistant U.S. Attorney; must I apply for admission?

    No. You do not have to apply for admission, but if you leave the DOJ and enter private practice, you must apply for regular or pro hac vice admission.

  • 8. I am an attorney for a federal agency other than the DOJ; must I apply for pro hac vice admission?

    Yes, but your fee is waived and your Certificate of Good Standing may be issued within one year of filing.

  • 9. How do I request attorney admission information; who do I contact to request a name change on my CM/ECF account and/or admission record?

    Please contact the court at 718-613-2285 (Brooklyn) or 631-712-6030 (Central Islip).

  • I am already admitted to practice in the Southern District of New York - What do I need to do to practice in the Eastern District?

    You need to appear in person with a Certificate of Good Standing (valid for 30 days) and pay the one time fee of $201.00. You will receive a wall certificate on the day that you take the oath and sign the Attorney Roll.