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FAQs: AttorneyCaseOpening

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  • How do I add parties to case I am opening?

    See pages (8 and the Appendix) of the attorney case opening manual for that information.

  • How do I know which fee status to select?

    There are seven choices in this drop-down menu. However, only four of them will be used by attorneys during the electronic case-opening process. 

    If you plan to pay filing fees online with a credit card through at the time of filing, select “pd (Fee Paid)”; 

    if you are filing an action on behalf of the United States, select “none (no fee required)”; 

    if you are filing an action in which the fee is waived by statute, select “wv (Fee Waived)”; 

    if you are filing a motion to proceed informa pauperis, select “IFP Pending”.

  • How do I know which office code to select?
    The “Office” drop-down menu provides choices to past and present divisions of the Eastern District.
    • Brooklyn
    • Central Islip
    [DO NOT select Hauppauge or Uniondale]

    The appropriate division for your case is determined by the Court’s Division of Business Rule. (Local Rule 50.1). You may not choose a division based on your personal preference; you must select the division based on your answers to Division of Business questions on Page 2 of the Civil Cover Sheet.

    • If you answered (1) “yes” to questions 1 or 2(a) OR (2) “no” to question 2(b) and defendant resides in Nassau or Suffolk County, then select Central Islip from the drop-down menu.
    • For all other cases - select Brooklyn.

    Once you have made your selections for “Office” and “Case Type”; click “Next”.
  • I am opening a case and have voluminous parties to enter, how do I add them?

    Open the case following the instructions in the attorney case opening manual.

    Use the event (~Util - Add Parties) to add the voluminous parties. When all parties have been entered, then docket your initiating event.
    On the filer selection screen; click the  (NEW FILER) button.
    Search for the party; when prompted select the match ( Select Party) or if no match click on (Create New Party); update roletype  (do not enter mailing or email address information).then select ( Add Party) button.
    Repeat above steps for each party.

  • I filed a case and now when I click on the document number on the notification I get this error 'Cannot locate the case with caseid #####", how do I fix this?

    The error "Cannot locate the case with caseid #####", usually means that the case had extensive errors and is in the process of being corrected before a Judge is assigned.

    Please follow-up with the appropriate office:

    Brooklyn (718) 804-2722
    Central Islip (631) 712-6030
  • I filled out a fillable form, but it will not save. How can I correct this?

    Download the fillable form to your pc, launch adobe and open the form. Fill it out and save it.

  • The complaint that I filed was signed by multiple attorneys, however it only added my name. How do I go about adding the other attorneys to the case?

    Associating the Filing Attorney with the Filing Party Once you have identified the party filing the case-initiating document, you must identify the attorney who represents that party. However, your options are limited.
    At case opening, the system allows only the attorney whose Central Sign On account is being used to file the case-initiating document to be associated with the case.
    Once the case-initiating document is filed, additional attorneys who wish to appear on the docket as counsel of record may file a “Notice of Appearance” after the judge assignment has been completed by the Clerk’s Office.

  • What events are used for service?
    Summons Returned Executed/Summons Returned Executed as to USA
    Docket this event for returns on executed summons. If the summons indicates that the summons/complaint was served by mail, docket this event. If a process server’s affidavit states that they served the summons/complaint, docket this event.
    Summons Returned Unexecuted
    Docket this event for summons that are returned unexecuted.
    Waiver of Service Executed
    Docket this event when the waiver of service of summons is received. If the Waiver does not indicate the date it was mailed, enter the date it was 1) signed or, 2) filed.
    Waiver of Service Unexecuted
    Docket this event for waivers that are returned unexecuted.
    Writ Returned
    Docket this event for returns on writs, executed or unexecuted. It will prompt you for what type of writ the return is being made on.
    Acknowledgment of Service
    Docket this event when a party acknowledges their receipt of service of documents. This event should also be used to docket a supplemental return attaching the green certified receipt form. This event will allow you to link to entries on the docket.
    Affidavit of Service/Certificate of Service
    Docket these events for returns that are not on a summons, warrant, writ or signed waiver, or for something we do not have an event for. For example, a return of service on an order to show cause or on a waiver (but no signed waiver is attached). Affidavit of Service should be used
    when the person who made service is swearing under oath as to the accuracy of the information in the return. Certificate of Service will allow you to link to entries on the docket.
    Service by Publication
    Docket this event when a return is filed showing service by publication and attach a copy of the legal notice newspaper clipping to this return.
  • What is the format for entering a dollar demand?

    Demand ($000): Enter the dollar amount to the nearest thousand with no punctuation. That is, if the complaint asserts damages in the amount of $75,000, enter “75”; if the complaint asserts damages in the amount of $5,000,000 enter “5000”. The smallest amount which can be entered is “1” (for $1,000.00). Round up or down as needed to the nearest thousand (e.g., $750.00 = 1; $1,498.56 = 1; $25,501.99 = 26). If no specific dollar amount is demanded in the complaint, leave this field blank.

  • Who do I contact if I have made an error on a case that I opened?
    Please contact the case opening department for the appropriate office:
    Brooklyn (718) 804-2722
    Central Islip (631) 712-6030
  • Who do I contact if I have questions on the case that I filed?
    Please contact the case opening department for the appropriate office:
    Brooklyn (718) 804-2722
    Central Islip (631) 712-6030