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FAQ: Mediation Advocacy Program

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  • Are stipulations emailed to NYED, as they are in NYSD?

    No, filings for NYED cases are made via CM/ECF. The clerks office does not accept emailed filings.

  • How can I get a list of cases an attorney is on?

    Login to CM/ECF with your pacer account.

    Select Query

    Enter the attorneys last name and first name and select (type) attorney. 

    Press Run Query.

  • How do I go about requesting a refund of fees paid electronically on CM/ECF?

    For refunds or duplicate payments please do ONE of the following:

    File a Refund Motion on your firm’s letterhead requesting a refund and include both payment confirmations.
    Mail a letter on your firm’s letterhead requesting a refund and include both payment confirmations. Send the request to: U.S. District Court, EDNY, 225 Cadman Plaza E, Brooklyn NY 11201, Attention: Intake/Refunds.

    Should you need further assistance, please contact the Financial Department at (718) 613-2580.

  • How do I know which EDNY courthouse has my case file?

    There are two Eastern District Courthouse locations: Brooklyn and Central Islip. Case files are available at the courthouse where the Judge assigned to the case is located. Call Intake Section for name of Judge OR check the Docket Sheet on Pacer (to register for an account, go to website at or call the Pacer Service Center at (800)676-6856 or (210)301-6440.)

    Even if the Judge listed in Central Islip, there is a chance that the file is in Brooklyn. It is best to call the CI courthouse before traveling.

  • How do I obtain a Disciplinary History Certificate for an attorney?

    Please contact the court at (718) 613-2285 or (631) 712-6030

  • How do I obtain copies of documents that are not available on Pacer?

    Please contact the Records Management at (718) 613-2265 or (718) 613-2645. 

  • How do I obtain Immigration and Naturalization records and related information?

    Contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website: official website of the Department of Homeland Security, or contact Immigration Information 1800-375-5283 for any Immigration related question.

  • How do I obtain information (such as party names, attorneys, case number, judge assigned to the case and the status) for a case?
    Computer Access
    Electronic case summaries and docket information may be viewed through the court's Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system. A PACER account is required. Visit the PACER website to register (
    In Person
    In the Clerk's Office of the Brooklyn and Central Islip courthouses, public terminals are available at which members of the public may look up case information and view and print case documents. These are available during the hours the Clerk's Office is open. 
  • I am looking for the courts forms, where are they now located?

    All forms are now located under the main tab Forms and Instructions

  • I am looking up a case number in ecf/pacer and I get this message - Cannot find case. How can I obtain information for this case?

    Records Management at (718) 613-2265 or (718) 613-2645.

  • I have numerous parties to add to the civil cover sheet, but they will not all fit. How can I make them all fit?

    If the names of all the parties cannot fit in the space provided, please write “see attached” in the space and attach an additional page with the full list of names.

  • I need to locate a transcript that is not on pacer, who do I contact?

    Please click here for the information on transcripts.

  • I need to request a transcript for a court reporter that is not listed, who do I contact?

    Please contact ESR
    Brooklyn (718) 613-2590
    Central Islip  (631) 712-6015

  • I would like to order some archived records, who do I contact?

    Records Management at (718) 613-2265 or (718) 613-2645.



  • - Who do I contact regarding receipts from Customer Support
    1-800-624-1373, Option #2 
    Hours: Monday through Friday, 8AM - 7PM (ET)
    Closed on US Government Holidays