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Administrative Order 2020-13-1 - Authorization to Continue the Use of Videoconferencing or Telephone Conferencing in Criminal Matters

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Pursuant to the CARES Act and Administrative Order 2020-13, Chief Judge Mauskopf has reviewed the

authorization to conduct proceedings remotely and found that emergency conditions due to the

COVID-19 virus outbreak, and the need to protect public health and safety, continue to

materially affect the functioning of the courts within this District. Judges, court staff, attorneys,

litigants, defendants, members of the public, and others continue to limit their travel and

continue to work remotely in light of local conditions. Mass transit continues to operate on

reduced schedules, and concerns about its safe use persist. Many businesses must remain closed,

and those that are open have limited public access. Large gatherings are still prohibited;

occupancy of indoor spaces is limited to less than maximum capacity; and social distancing must

be employed. Defendants housed at local detention facilities face restrictions on their movement

and cannot be produced with regularity. These conditions, among others, make it necessary for

the judges in this District to continue to conduct proceedings remotely, by videoconference or



This authorization is effective for ninety (90) days unless earlier terminated. If the

emergency persists longer than ninety (90) days, the Chief Judge will review this authorization and determine

whether to extend it pursuant to the provisions of the CARES Act. Notwithstanding the foregoing,

pursuant to the provisions of the CARES Act, this authority shall terminate on the last day of the

covered emergency period or the date on which the Judicial Conference of the United States finds

that emergency conditions due to the national emergency declared by the President under the

National Emergencies Act with respect to the COVID-19 virus outbreak no longer materially

affect the functioning of either the Federal courts generally or the courts within this District.

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