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Pro Hac Vice Attorney Admission Instructions

Documents You Will Need:
           1. Certificates of Good Standing
                        ‣One for each state in which you are admitted
                        ‣Certificates must have been issued within 30 days of filing motion
           2. Affidavit of Movant*
           3. Motion for leave to appear pro hac vice
What to Do:
          1. Apply for an e-filing account at
                       ‣Log in, go to Manage My Account, Maintenance, Attorney Admissions/E-file Registration
                       ‣Choose Eastern District of New York, Pro Hac Vice and complete all required fields.
          2. File your motion for leave to appear pro hac vice at
                        ‣When you receive a notification that your e-filing account has been created, log in.
                        ‣File your motion on the relevant case, attaching the documents listed above, and paying the $200.00 fee.
* See Local Civil Rule 1.3 for the specific requirements of the affidavit.
Please Note:
          ●Attorneys appearing for the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) may appear without requesting pro hac vice admission. DOJ
           attorneys should make an e-filing request only at If you later enter private practice, however, you will have
           to apply for regular or pro hac vice admission.
          ●Attorneys for federal agencies other than the DOJ must request pro hac vice admission but their certificates of good
            standing may have been issued within one year of filing and the motion fee is waived.