Pro Hac Vice Attorney Admission Instructions

1. The application to be admitted to argue or try a particular case in whole or in part must be submitted electronically so you must first register for EDNY electronic case filing (“ECF”) privileges here.

2. Log in to ECF, and under Motions choose Appear Pro Hac Vice.

                a. When prompted to attach documents, please attach

                                (1) Original Certificate of Good Standing for each of the states in which you are a member of the bar
                               which has been issued within (30) days1 of filing the application;
                                (2) Completed original Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice; and
                                (3) Completed original Affidavit of Movant in Support of Motion.

3. When petition/motion is filed, please pay the $150.00 payable "Clerk, U.S. District Court."


IMPORTANT: Pro Hac Vice admission permits electronic filing ONLY in the case under which you have been admitted. You may not use this login on any other cases. After one year of inactivity on the case, your ECF registration will be deactivated. If, at a later date, you need to file on that case, please contact 718-613-2285 (Brooklyn) or 631-712-6030 (Central Islip).

Note: Attorneys appearing for the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) may appear without requesting pro hac vice admission. If you later enter private practice, however, you will have to apply for regular or pro hac vice admission.

1 Attorneys for federal agencies other than the DOJ must request pro hac vice admission but their Certificate of Good Standing may have been issued within one year of filing and the fee is waived.