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Viewing PDF Documents

Many of the documents available on this site have been formatted as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. In PDF form, each document retains the content, formatting and appearance of the original document. A PDF document can be viewed or printed from any computer that has pdf reader software installed.

In order to view a PDF document on-line, you must have a web browser, the Adobe Reader software and the Acrobat plug-in for your web browser. If it is not already installed on your computer, download a free copy of Adobe Reader.

If the PDF pages are blank inside your Web browser window or if you are unable to view a PDF document and the Adobe Reader is installed on your computer, try one of the technical tips:

  • Click the browser’s "Refresh" button or go to end of the url (internet address field) and press enter,
  • Edit the Preferences of your Adobe software.
    1. Launch (open) the Adobe application
    2. Click Preferences from the Edit menu
    3. Select Internet from menu of Options
    4. In the Web Browser Options box, deselect (uncheck) both the 'Display PDF in Browser' and the 'Allow Fast Web View' preferences.
    5. Save the new settings and exit the Acrobat application.
  • It may be necessary to upgrade to the most current version of the Acrobat Reader software.
  • It may be necessary to upgrade to the most current version of your Web browser. (Also, it may be helpful to install the most current service pack for your operating system. Check with your Computer Systems Administrator)

Saving or Downloading PDF Documents

If you want to download a PDF document to your local computer, hold down the "Shift" key as you click the link to the document. However, if you make changes and wish to save the changes to your computer, you will need the complete Adobe Acrobat software (not just the Adobe Reader) which also may be purchased from Adobe or an authorized dealer.

For additional support, contact your site IT administrator or consult Adobe Web Support.