Please follow this link for guidelines for entry to the Courthouses of the Eastern District of New York put into place by Administrative Order 2022-22.




The Health and Safety Protocols for Courthouses in the Eastern District of New York are available here ( Effective October 7, 2022 )

All Administrative Orders related to the COVID-19 outbreak and all detention facility reports filed pursuant to Administrative Order 2020-14 can be accessed on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page, here.  

Two Administrative Orders related to COVID-19:

The EDNY Plan for Resumption of Jury Trials has been published and is available here.

Notice: Under the Rules Enabling Act, 28 U.S.C. §§ 2071-75, the following amended and new rules and forms became effective on December 1, 2022.
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure: Rules 25 and 42
Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure: Rules 1007, 1020, 2009, 2012, 2015, 3002, 3010, 3011, 3014, 3016, 3017.1, 3018, 3019, 5005, 5004, and 8023, new Rule 3017.2, and Official Forms 101, 309E1, and 309E2
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Rule 7.1 and new Supplemental Rules for Social Security Review Actions Under 42 U.S.C. § 405(g)
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure: Rule 16
See for the text of the amended rules and accompanying committee notes effective December 1, 2022.

Judge Johnson Press Release

Press Release and Public Notice dated September 14, 2022: Chief Judge Margo K. Brodie announced today that the application period to apply for a United States Magistrate Judge vacancy in Brooklyn, NY, for an eight (8)-year term, to be created by the retirement of U.S. Magistrate Judge Roanne L. Mann effective January 5, 2023, is extended to October 14, 2022. Please see Administrative Order 2022-21 and notice here.

Press Release and Public Notices dated July 13, 2022: Chief Judge Brodie announced today that the Judges of the Eastern District of New York have appointed a Merit Selection Panel to consider candidates for a United States Magistrate Judge vacancy in Brooklyn, New York and to consider reappointment of U.S. Magistrate Judge Anne Y. Shields and U.S. Magistrate Judge Peggy Kuo. Please see Administrative Order 2022-14 and notices here.

Notice to the Bar: Please be reminded that the deadline for submission of new applications for appointment to the Criminal Justice Act Panel of attorneys is September 16, 2022. Application forms are available here. The deadline for submission of applications for reappointment to the Panel is September 23, 2022. Re-application forms are available here.

Notice to the Bar regarding Fed. R. Civ. P. 7.1

Notice to the public regarding fraudulent documents and advanced fee scams using the name of this Court and forged documents purported to be from its judges. Please see this page.