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Court Locations

The main courthouse, located at 225 Cadman Plaza East, is in the civic center of Brooklyn and is directly adjacent to Brooklyn Heights, the first Historic District named as such in the City of New York. Only a short distance from the courthouse's current location is the site of Gen. George Washington's escape to Manhattan during the American Revolution, an escape that ensured a later victory for his army. Cadman Plaza, itself was named after Samuel Parkes Cadman, a popular Brooklyn Minister in the early twentieth century who was one of the first to use radio as means to reach his audience.
Street Address: 

225 Cadman Plaza East
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Mailing Address: 

United States District Court for the New York Eastern District
225 Cadman Plaza East
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Main Telephone Number (718) 613-2600
ADR Administrator (718) 613-2577
Arbitration Clerk (718) 613-2326
Attorney Admissions and Attorney E-Filing Requests (718) 613-2285
CJA Panel Attorneys (718) 613-2311
CJA Appointment Days (718) 613-2312
CJA Panel Applications (718) 613-2273
CM/ECF Attorney Case Opening, Docketing/Filing  (718) 613-2610
Non Attorney E-Filing Requests (718) 613-2312
CM/ECF Training Help Desk (718) 613-2312
Technical Help Desk (IT Department) (718) 613-2290
Courtroom Technology  (718) 613-2290
Juror Information (800) 587-6775
Jury Department (718) 613-2600, press 5
Interpreter Services (718) 613-2390
Pro Se Office (718) 613-2665
Records Room (718) 613-2285
Transcript Information  
Emergency Number (866) 752-7362