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Hurricane Sandy Mediation Program

In response to Hurricane Sandy, the EDNY formed the Hurricane Sandy Mediation Program as a means to resolve the litigation surrounding insurance claims filed by those affected by the super storm. 

The EDNY maintains a list of neutrals who are trained and qualified to assist parties in resolving matters related to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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Mediation Forms

Mediation Instructions for Counsel

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Mediation Report

Please fill out this application and return it via e-mail with the subject line “EDNY Hurricane Sandy Panel”
to Robyn Weinstein at

Hurricane Sandy Training

In May of 2014 the EDNY ADR Program hosted a Storm Sandy Mediation Training at which nearly one hundred mediators were specially trained to mediate disputes associated with the storm. The training was led by Judge Robert Levy, Gerald Lepp, Simeon Baum, and Peter Woodin.

Training Video

Training Materials