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EDNY Trial Ready Rapid Mediation Pilot

The EDNY ADR Department is launching a Rapid Mediation Pilot for trial ready civil cases that are delayed due to the pandemic.

Trial ready cases may enter the Rapid Mediation Pilot through: 

  • Judicial Referral 
  • Party Request

Cases that are referred to the Trial Ready Rapid Mediation Pilot will be mediated within 60 days of the referral to the court’s mediation program.  In accordance with Local Rule 83.8(f)(1), any party that is unable or unwilling to pay the mediation fee may apply to the referring judge for a waiver of the fee.

For trial ready cases that are not referred to the Pilot, ADR Department Staff, with the consent and approval of the assigned judge, will conduct outreach to counsel, discuss the court’s mediation program, and offer to assist counsel in selecting a mediator with the qualifications and expertise to assist in meaningful settlement discussions.This outreach will be done via a joint letter to counsel, followed by phone calls.